Thursday, March 26, 2009


Ok. I've gone back and forth about this, I've asked people, I've thought of the pros and cons, etc.

I'm taking a home test on Saturday morning, assuming I don't start full on bleeding before then (b/c we all know what that means). I will do the beta on Monday (b/c I don't feel like calling Idiot Fellow and trying to convince her to move the test date--I just don't have it in me).

If it's negative on Saturday, I will be prepared for the call on Monday. Then I will get drunk. Our anniversary is on Sunday, and although I'd hate to have horrible news, my attitude lately is probably worse than it would be if they would just tell me I'm not pregnant, so what's the difference?

If it's positive, I will be confident in getting a + beta, b/c there is no way this late into my cycle I'd get a false + on an HPT.

I'm just so afraid I'll pee on the damn thing and then refuse to look at it! I rarely take HPTs, simply b/c my period usually starts before I get the urge to test. So this whole drama on whether or not to test is kind of new to me.

I'm still spotting. About the same. Intermittently.


Stacy said...

I am sending so much good luck your way! I have a really good feeling about this cycle for you.

Kristin said...

First things first, good luck to you. Try to stay positive.

Second, I had the same exact timing and thought there was no way I was going to wait until the beta to find out if it worked. Last time I got negative results back was on a Friday, and I was such a wreck afterward I just had to go home. We were grieving the entire weekend, and I just knew that the same would happen if there was negative news on a monday. But it would be harder to just leave work - no explanations given - since it was a monday so I took a home-test saturday morning. I could hardly sleep past 4:00 am, but I made myself stay in bed until 6:00 at least before I finally POAS. Thank the lord it was positive. Either way, it was so much better to get the news that way -- at home, with my husband. And not at work over the phone. I took another test Sunday and still another Monday before I went in for the beta. When they called with the news I was just so thrilled to hear it from someone else -- to hear it was real.

So, I think you should definitely take the home test. It'll help you deal with monday's news better... whatever news that is.

And I'm hoping it's good news.

(sorry for the rambling...)

xo, kristin

wvagirl said...

hang in there girlie! you are almost there. you've come up with a really good plan. they make you wait entirely to long for a beta there. i had to take an hpt first. or lose my mind! i'm rooting for you!!!!!

Hippie Family... said...

ok, my take..
1. pee washes off, don't worry about that.
2. a drink may calm you down NOW... just not too many.
3. I took (I am not joking, you can see my blog for this) SIX tests in hmmm,, 24 hours.. all showed negative, but it was because I freaked myself out and swore ther was no line when there was a faint line.
4. if your tilted, you could have implantation spotting for up to or over a week.
5. Dang I talk a lot!
6.. if you are as set in your cycles as I am mine then things sound really really good, I am praying and sending as much good juju as I can your way!!

wvagirl said...

also, if you need someone to come over on saturday morning and look at that cursed stick for you give me a call! and, i also freaked myself out like the previous commenter and convinced myself my faint line wasn't a line. i was two days and 8 tests in before i was convinced. i say buy a frer, and a cbe digital. gl! gl! gl!

Lucy said...

GL Sat am! ICLW

t.bird said...

i'm praying this is it for you!!!
test on sat & report to us ASAP!!!!!

and btw- i was spotting/bleeding too when i tested!!!

Jennifer said...

I'll be thinking of you tomorrow. Good luck :-)

Rebekah said...

I have everything crossed for you! Hang in there...it is great news that AF hasn't come yet!!