Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"That's Connor's. You can't touch it."

Oh boy. Yesterday afternoon/evening was eventful, in a very fun, kid sort of way:)

1) Sophie had the hiccups on the way home from daycare. She was clearly being entertained by talking to me, and having her words interupted by a hiccup. Each time it happened, we were both doubled over with laughter, at least as much as I could be while driving. I kept catching glimpses of her in the rear view mirror, checking to see if I was looking at (and listening to) her. I love that such simple things can bring her such immense joy!

2) We have never been shy about teaching Sophie that she has a va.gina and boys (like Connor) have penises. She's always seemed to "get" it, but I honestly never gave it much thought. Last week, she saw Connor in the tub and very obviously noticed his pe.nis for the first time. She kept staring and then finally pointed and said "what's that? What's Connor have there?" "Um, Sophie that's his penis." "That's his PE.NIS mommy??" "Yes, that's his penis." That was it, end of discussion. Fast forward to last night, when all 3 were in the tub together. Sophie had a very sly look on her face, and I could see the wheels spinning. I turned away for a second, and when I looked back she was holding his pe.nis in her hand, sort of making it flop up and down. Oh boy. "Sophie, that's Connor's penis. You can't touch it." "I can't?" "No, you can't touch his penis, and he can't touch your 'gina."

Didn't expect to have THAT conversation when she is just 3!

3) And finally, Sophie and I were in bed last night. As she was winding down, we heard a sound from the twins room. At first I thought it was Connor crying. I silently cringed, and hoped he'd just roll over and go back to  sleep. But, he kept going. And then I realized he wasn't crying, he was LAUGHING. Deep, deep, belly laughs, that just went on and on. He laughed for at least 3 minutes, if not longer. The type of laugh you'd hear if you were tickling him. This is SO very Connor. Although the tantrums have started, and boy can he throw one, he is just so happy go lucky, smiley, giggle at everything. It makes me feel like we're doing something right:)

Thursday, January 24, 2013

The bites!

Here they are! This sweet little guy....

is capable of THIS (and please ignore 1. Sierra's bum and 2) the piece of fuzz that made it's way into my iPhone camera).  Avery's wounds are just little scabs now, but there were several days that I would have been afraid to take her to the dr, for fear that they thought we DID something to her. Luckily the biting goes in phases, and I'm fairly certain it can be mostly attributed to teething. However, one co-worker brought up the idea that it might be his way of showing affection. I can actually see that, since he never bites out of anger or frustration and he almost always has a huge smile on his face after the fact (and usually giggles alot).

The picture above, of Connor, was taken at his last ENT appt, a few weeks ago. The hemangioma is still there, although MUCH softer than it ever has been. I wsa hopeful that it had all but disappeared, but ENT still felt it. We're staying the course with his current dose of propanylol, and go back in 4 more weeks.

On a happier note, here's a pic of Sophie from two nights ago. She RARELY wants to smile for the camera, so when she does I'm happy to snap away. And, she.wants.to.wear.this.outfit.all.the.time. It's cute, it's "her," I love it, but I'm ready for her to attach to something new already!

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

It's been weeks.Again.

The McBaby baby book is going to be rather skimpy if I don't get my act in gear. But, life happens. Chaos happens. And of course, laziness happens. I've spent over an hour trying to get a picture uploaded and it's not letting me. I don't remember there being a trick to upload from my computer, but apparently there is.

I was going to post some lovely pics of some serious wounds that my little red-head has inflicted on his sisters. The biting is out of control. I'm afraid it's time to start time out, but I'm also afraid he won't get it. But, I need to show them all, especially Sophie, that what he is doing is not going unnoticed, and will be reprimanded. We firmly saw no, we YELL no, we sign no, and he just laughs at us, and gets ready to attack again. Clearly, he thinks it's funny. His victims do not.

The twins are 16 months! They are.climbing.on.everything. Two weeks ago, Sophie yelled for me in a panic, which is rare. I ran to her, only to find Avery CRAWLING across the dining room table. Wha?? WTF? I took her off, and let her repeat it just so I can see what she did. She pushed the chair up to the table, turned the toy shopping cart on it's side. Climbed onto the cart, onto the chair, and then on to the table. She's smart. She's determined. She's resourceful. I see some rather scary teen years in my future.

She has the biggest most fantastic smile. She shoots this at you when she gets in trouble. She has already learned.  Her shrieky little giggle melts my heart each time I hear it. When she is upset, she is the ONLY one who needs attention.

Connor watches Avery, and then does his best to follow her, sometimes to his detriment. He's definately not as agile as she is, or as fast. His "boy" colors are showing. He plays ROUGH with his toys. Thank goodness most of them are fairly well made. He has tantrums. When something doesn't go his way, or something has been taken away from him, he lets you know he's not happy.

They both love light switches. They have started hugging us(love!!!). Avery has started yelling "Maaaaa" for mom. She can never say it quietly, it's always a scream. She's a snuggler, Connor is more on the go now.

Sophie is 37 months old. We're talking about pre-school next year! She is hilarious and stubborn and sweet, all rolled into one. Our house would NOT be the same without her. We're still working on potty training, but getting closer. She's become much more vocal, more conversational in her speech, grammar is improving. Two things I LOVE that she says "upsy doopsy down" for "upside down." I have no idea where she got that, but I adore it. TV is T-T, as in "Can I watch T-T?" I love these little quirky things, and will be sad when she says things correctly,lol. She says "fly me" when she wants me to throw her up in the air. The 3's haven't been horrid YET. Still waiting for that shoe to drop...