Tuesday, February 23, 2010

oh and...

Can anyone help me? I want to change the blog template (if that's what it's even called), but I don't like any options in blogspot. Specifically, I want to be able to put pics in the banner. Anyone care to help me or at the very least point me in the right direction??

11 weeks old!

This past Saturday Sophie turned 11 weeks. How time flies when you are having fun:) Not much to report that hasn't already been said, but I noticed that in the pic I took of her on Saturday she was wearing the same sleeper as her 7 day photo.

Here's my little growing girl:)
7 days...even had to roll up the sleeves

11 weeks...


Slobbery knuckles:)

Friday, February 19, 2010

First week of work done...

I went back to work this week. I worked 3 days this week and will do the same next week, and will be full time March 1. I'm doing ok really. Monday was a wash-I basically checked e-mail, had 2 meetings and just did a lot of catching up with friends/co-workers. Wed I hit the ground running-busy, busy today. Today is fairly busy too but it's almost time to go home.
Luckily, my job is flexible enough that as long as I work my 7.5 hours, I can get here/leave when I want. Monday I worked 7:20-3:20 and Wed and today 8-4.

Dan is officially a stay at home dad, and has (almost) survived his first week. Sunday night I had a mini-meltdown as I was getting her ready for bed, but otherwise I was ok. It is so nice to just get up and get to work in the morning and not have to get Sophie out in the cold and leave her at a germy daycare. It makes it easier for me. THis morning, however, she was awake when I left so it was a bit harder to leave. AND, I haven't called home ONE time! We talked in therapy last week about my need to call and check in and how it was in no way geared towards Dan or my thought that he might be having trouble with Sophie. My calling is most definately ALL about me, and dealing with my guilt about leaving her. But I've held strong. He actually called me Wed and today, about something NOT Sophie related. I really can't believe I made it through that first day though!

She is doing so great. She has most definately discovered her hands, and loves to put them in her mouth...when she can find her mouth. Her coordination is not quite where it should be so she often just waves her hands close to her mouth hoping that she will find it. We've had lots of slobbery fists lately (hers not ours). She's also infatuated with her mobile lately. It's nice to find a toy she actually enjoys. She can spend 30 minutes in her crib, just watching the little animals spin around, same with the flowers on her swing. Her neck strength is improving too, and I'm trying really hard to give her tummy time, but she HATES it. You'd think we were cutting off a limb when we lay her on her belly!

She's been spending more time out of her harness too. The Ortho said she can go 8 hours daily without it. Up until about 2 weeks ago, she was in it at least 20 hours a day. Lately, though, I just feel like she really needs to stretch her legs out. When we take her out of it to change her diaper she just stretches and stretches so I know it must feel good. Her next appt is March 8 and I'm REALLY hoping for some great news although I don't think she'll be completely done with it. My guess is the dr will loosen it again, and maybe reduce amount of hours/day again.

I think I'm about ready to pack up the newborn clothes. There's no point in continuing to stuff her into them I suppose:(

Friday, February 12, 2010

Tues and Wed...

were big doctor days. I had my drain taken out on Tues, after one last u/s to ensure everything had been drained. It hurt like a mo-fo when they took it out. Yowza! But I am SO glad it's done. I met with the surgeon on Wed morning that said everything looked good, except for one small area that is hard. To me, it feels like scar tissue but the dr said it should soften up. I go back on March 1st and he'll see if I've made more progress, or if there is any hint of the abscess remaining. If there is, we'll deal with that then. In the mean time, I just have to finish my antiobiotics.

Sophie had her 2 month check up on Wed. She got her 5 vaccinations which she took like a champ. She screamed her head off for 2 minutes, then wimpered a little, and that was it. No irritability, just more drowsy than usual. For the stats...she weighs 10 pounds 11 oz which moves her up to the 50th percentile. Height is 22 in, which is still 25th percentile, and head is still at 75 percentile (I think 40cms??). I can't believe she gained almost 1.5 pounds in a month!

Her next pedi appt is in 2 months, and her next Ortho appt is March 8.

Monday, February 8, 2010

2 months/9 weeks...

We hit the 9 week mark on Friday and 2 months on Saturday!!! The time is flying (as is my maternity leave).

People that don't see Sophie often comment about how big she is getting/how much she is changing but since we see her every day, we just don't see it. I do admit to her cheeks being fatter and she's got a fat roll or 2 on her legs now. She was born with my little chicken legs but that is quickly changing:)

She's gotten much more alert also, and can be very nosey:) She loves to be held facing out and just check out what is going on. She's finally noticed the rotating flowers hanging above her swing, as well as the little animals on her mobile. She doesn't have a favorite toy, just still really enjoys being held and looking at us. She tracks things/people really well too...Lisa gave her a little book of black/white graphics that totally grabs her attention and she'll track it left, right, up, down. She's also started enjoying the music on her mobile/swing.

We're in a pretty good routine as well. Her nightime sleeping is basically 10 pm to 10 am. She sleeps at least 5 hours, if not 7 or more. Last night she slept from 10:30-7!! She usually wakes at 3 am to eat, then at 5 and 7 or 6 and 8. For the most part, she's pretty darn predictable. Once awake for the day, she'll be up for about 2 hours, then nap, then time to eat again. Then throughout the day it's eat, play, sleep, lather rinse repeat.

I really try to keep her entertained, but sometimes I think she is just bored. I know there is only so much her brain can process at this point though, and I'm careful not to over-stimulate her. Dan's mom bought us some books in Spanish, so Dan's going to start reading those to her, one of which is Green Eggs and Ham...Huevos Verdes con Jamon:)

I read and sing to her, and try to engage her in some of her little toys. She's slowly getting better at tummy time also. She started out hating it, but at least now she tolerates.

Friday, February 5, 2010


Sorry if these are repeat pics for my FB friends, but I promised some cuteness.

A good friend from high school gave her this fabulously cute princess outfit. How could I resist?? She was 4.5 weeks...

7 week 5 days in her bouncer. She's not a fan. She doesn't fit well in it and tends to vibrate to the bottom!


My little sausage:) This is my favorite sleeper and she is just about to outgrow it, it's a newborn size.

Getting better!

Sorry not to update sooner. My appt with surgeon on Wed was more eventful than expected, but ended on a good note. I saw his nurse practitioner first, who was very concerned with some scar tissue-like feeling by the abscess. She left me in the office saying she assumed we'd have to go the incision route b/c although things seemed to be healing, she thought things weren't draining properly. I about lost it and was a nervous wreck waiting for surgeon. Not what I expected after being such a trooper for the week and adhering to their directions by the book. However, the surgeon was more optimistic but ended up sending me for an u/s just to make sure the drain was in the right spot.

Getting an u/s is not an easy task and required that I go through admissions like a patient, as I had last week to get the drain put in. Long story short, it appears the abscess has been drained, but the dr who did the u/s wanted to give me another week with the drain in, to ensure the pocket doesn't fill up again. Add another 10 days of 2000 mg per day antiobiotics and hopefully I will be "fixed" by Tues when I have an appt to take the damn thing out.

Oh, and turns out the infection was staph. Lovely.

Thanks for all the thoughts and well wishes:) Hopefully I'll have completely good news to report next week.