Wednesday, August 26, 2009

99 days and the BIG name reveal:)

99 days until McBaby's scheduled arrival date of December 3. Dan and I are both guessing she'll actually come on December 2, not sure why. We'll see! Either way, we can't wait...we're both getting very antsy. Me for this pregnancy to be over LOL, and Dan b/c he is just impatient!

Since I outted myself on Facebook this morning, I figured it was time to out myself here too. We've had the name picked for several weeks. Dan (I could have punched him) put it on FB right away. I just needed a little more time to digest, to get used to it, to make sure it was right. Plus, I liked keeping the secret to ourselves:) I have shared with anyone who has asked though, so I haven't been completely selfish:)

and McBaby's name will be...Sophia Brynn.

We love both names together and separate. It's just...right, it's us. To Dan (and most people I'm sure), she will be Sophie. I however, have claimed the right to use Sophia whenever I like:)

The other front runner for first name was Abigail. We went back and forth MANY times. We tried calling her Abby, then Sophie, then Abby...you get the picture. A middle name was tougher. I was REALLY, REALLY set on Hope. Not particularly b/c I liked the name, but the meaning was just right on. When it didn't seem like I would win that battle I tried Faith...that had even less appeal to Dan (meaning he said no way). I couldn't imagine giving her a name that he really couldn't stand, so I graciously dropped it and we started over again. Both of our middle name are Lynn...we debated that for about 30 seconds...but I grew up HATING my middle name so I couldn't imagine giving it to her. Brynn just sort of "happened." I've always liked the name (and we actually debated it for a first name for a bit). Once I said it out loud, we knew it just worked:) So there you have the name battle.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Ankles are MIA

Where, oh where did they go? I made this marvelous discovery last night, and then thought maybe I was imagining things. I looked again this morning...they are still gone...not an ankle bone in sight:( How did this happen? They look more like elephant ankles then my cute little delicate, bony ankles. And the kicker is, one is definately more swollen than the other. Weird!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

EGGPLANT, babymoon and a crib!

I'm such a blog slacker!

First things first, now that we're almost halfway done with week 25, McBaby is an eggplant this week. Such an improvement from a papaya, don't you think;-) This week she has gained her equilibrium and can tell when she is upside down.

Next in McCrary news is that we took Miss McBaby on her first vacation last week (aka babymoon). We'd been trying to figure out 1) location and 2) how to pay for it(!) when Dan's aunt graciously opened her house to us. She lives in FLA, just a few miles from one of our favorite beaches...so how could we say no?!

Unfortunately, it wasn't the most relaxing of trips, and I was officially diagnosed with "cat allergies." I've always said I was allergic to cats, but somehow I think Dan never really believed me...until I woke up in the middle of the night not being able to catch my breath. Oh, I guess it's important to note that Aunt P. has a cat...thus the cat allergies. I was obviously most concerned about McBaby. After a call to my dr the next day we went to a walk-in clinic. The dr assured me my breathing sounded fine, and I was getting 100% oxygen (although I doubt that was the case at 2 am), so I tried to just breath easy (pun intended). He looked at me like I had 5 heads when I asked if they had a fetal heart monitor. I don't know, call me crazy, but it seems like a little piece of machinery they'd want to invest in, but what do I know?

We just tried our best to stay out of the house as much as possible, and really only spent extended periods there in the evening. THEN, on Wed morning I was woken by a CONTRACTION. WTH?! This was actually the 2nd one I've had. The first came a few weeks ago. However, both awakened me from a deep sleep. How did I know it was a contraction? Well, I just kind of did I guess. I stayed in bed for an hour or so and never felt another one, so I guess it was coincidence, but c'mon people cut me some slack! First I can't breath, then I have a contraction...away from home, away from dr, etc. Oh, and I've started having calf cramps in the middle of the night. According to my M.ayo Clinic book, this is something that is somewhat normal, but still needs to be brought to dr attention.

Despite the medical stuff, we had a fun time, spending most of the trip on the beach. Here's a 25w 1 day picture...although since it's not profile you can see I still look chunky for the most part. I assure you though, from the side I have a bump. I swear!

And finally...Miss McBaby will have a place to sleep (she will sleep right??) that is being delivered in about 6 weeks. I went with a convertible crib, in white, that was in stock. Being in-stock is quite important at this point, b/c having one ordered was pushing us back to an arrival at the equivilant of 37 weeks.

Andrea asked what color I painted the nursery. The answer: Hotel St. Francis Fawn. Did that make it clear LOL??? It's really a creamy caramel color which looks fantastic on the walls! I started working on the curtains last night so hopefully those will be finished, and hung, by next weekend.

That's our story for now:)

Friday, August 14, 2009

Papaya take 3

Yes, she is a papaya again this week, although I venture to guess a slightly bigger one as my belly seems to be growing. I have had an insatiable hunger the past several days, but have no desire to eat past about 4 pm. The reflux is back with a vengance and worse than ever:( I'm getting ready to break down and try something OTC (besides Tums). A few nights ago I had a tomato for dinner. It probably didn't do a darn thing for the reflux, but it's all that sounded good. And, since I grew it on our deck, I figured was as healthy as I could get. I'm also back to craving carbs...which includes two breakfasts this week of 2 doughnuts, one glazed and one chocolate covered with pudding middle. Then an hour later the reflux starts.

Plans are coming along though:) The nursery is painted (and miracle of miracles the paint color received Dan's approval-either that or he just didn't want to piss me off!); I just need to touch-up a few spots. The fabric has been purchased. I have picked out the crib and will order that in a week or two. In my head, I see it coming together and I can't wait to see the finished product. I took a "before" pic of the room, which for the past 6 years has been the spare bedroom (aka junk pit). I hope to see a major transformation in the "after" pic.

The shower date is set! And I just got word this morning that my department will also be throwing us a shower, so that's fun (although I seriously hate the attention)! The registry is just about done, although I still feel completely at a loss for what we will actually need vs. what is trendy/fun/non-essential, etc. We don't have room for trendy/fun, we have room for the necessities, and I'm doubtful we have room for ALL of the necessities! Plus, I don't want to look like a present whore when people look at the registry, but there are a lot of "supposed" necessities!

The best part though is that little Miss McBaby has been moving around ALOT in there. I've had no more near-anxiety attacks wondering what's going on. She's kicking and moving and I can feel it from the outside and in. It's beyond words:)

Here's the 24 week belly picture! I'm seeing definate progress!

Friday, August 7, 2009

23 week appt...check:)

McBaby and I got a clean bill of health this morning. I'm up 2 pounds (and that was with shoes on) from 4 weeks ago. I guess that makes it a total of between 12-13 pounds. She said it was perfect. I asked when most weight gain happened and she said right now, which may explain my increased appetite. Once I hit 25 weeks I *should* gain about a pound a week. At this rate, I should be right in line with a 30ish pound total weight gain. I'm glad she didn't tell me how "small" I look. People continuing to tell me that is giving me a serious complex. Trust me people I'm NOT starving myself. And of all the times in my life I would love to be called small, this is not one of them.

She also measured my belly for the first time and again said "perfect."

We talked a bit about my freak-out last week and my impromptu appt to hear heartbeat. She told me it was normal and perfectly fine, and that if I feel like that again do not hesitate to call/come in. Made me feel better.

McBaby's heartbeat was in the 140's. She said normal is within 120-160, and at this point alot depends on if baby is sleeping or awake. Plus, I guess it's normal to start slowing down?

Next appt they will test me for gestational diabetes. They gave me this lovely bottle of orange colored sugar to drink before my next appt. Can't wait.

And here is my 23 week picture. Not much different than last week, except for my killer sexy evening attire (and Sierra trying to get in on the action). Poor Dan said "I just took your picture." Um, no that was last week. I had to explain to him that this is an every week thing now. He just rolled his eyes...but he took it, and will be glad he did:) And btw...the door I'm standing in front of is the door to the nursery:)

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Papaya take 2

I'm feeling a little robbed. I don't have a new update this week; McBaby's supposedly a papaya again (and next week too)! Today I am 23 weeks pregnant. Unbelievable. And in the wacky conversion of gestational weeks to months, that also means I am 6 months pregnant. Doubly unbelievable.

Little papaya has been kicking and moving:) Last Saturday morning I was lying in bed and saw my belly move. Very surreal, also very alien-esque. Of course, I barely moved for another 20 minutes hoping she would do it again, but no luck.

She seems to be awake around 9 am, and then also pretty active again when I go to bed. I assume it's the lack of motion when I'm trying to fall asleep that wakes her up. I can't put into words what it means to feel this baby inside of me. It's real now. Hopefully no more freak outs about heart rates and such. This is the reassurance I need. Although on Sunday she was very quiet, so the paranoia started to seep in...but I just let it go. I have to believe that all is going ok in there.

My next OB appt is tomorrow. I think she might actually measure my belly this time. Still not a lot of weight gain. By my scale, I think I've gained 14 total, which would be up 3 from my last appt. We'll see if the OB scale says something similar. At any rate, I'm staying pretty much on track.