Monday, March 30, 2009

because I am a freaker-outer

I posted my news on the nest, e-mailed a few people and then just completely shut-down. I just think that number is waaaayyyyy low. I called Dr. K who just called me back.

SHe assured me all is fine. They REALLY only want to see it over 100. She said the spotting was TOTALLY normal. She also moved beta #2 from next Monday to this Thursday. She told me again how deserving we are, and how she would do anything to get me pregnant. SHe said when she saw my results she wanted so badly to call me herself, but let the nurse do it (since she has to deliver the bad news also).

So there it is. It is what it is. Whatever happens, happens. I am going to try to start thinking positively. Stay tuned for Thursday!


Sara said...

Sweetie... you're going to have a REALLY long 8 months ahead of you. So now is the time for you to find a coping skill that works wonders.

Also... getting reassurance from the doctor's office any chance you get will do as well! Doesn't mean you're crazy... just means you've been thru a lot and need to know that good things can happen for you too!!!

Love you!!!

Leah said...

I would tell you to try to calm down and not to freak out. But I've been freaking out for 18 weeks. Hopefully you won't be as frantic as I have been! People who haven't been through it just don't get it. Trust me, I get it. No amount of telling you to calm down is going to do the trick. You are in a very scary place right now but try to remember that one bad experience doen't automatically equal another one. That's my mantra on a daily basis. Ugh...hang in there.