Sunday, March 15, 2009

3 embies are back home:-)

We had a 3dt today. We got the call early, that we were set for today. I immediatly got upset, b/c we both assumed we'd have a 5dt, just b/c we had 11 embryos. Dan was laying next to me during the call and the first thing he said after I hung up was "wow, they must be dying off quickly." Um, thanks for that. Actually, it's the exact same thing I was thinking, he just chose to voice it.

Prior to transfer, we had to take Sally (foster dog) back to the shelter. We just can't deal with her right now, and I need to be as stress-free as possible so she was the easiest stressor to eliminate.
Dan and I bickered all the way to the RE office. (Most of it was my fault-I was picking fights). I started blubbering the second we walked into the building. Once we go to the office and into the prep room and changed into our gowns I started sobbing. It was just too much stress. I just couldn't understand what happened to all of our embryos, and was finding it difficult to be optimistic. I kept thinking it would never work and was a waste of another $12k. Dan just kept shoving kleenexes at me. I'd stop for a few minutes, then start sobbing again. Dr. K walked in during my breakdown.

I couldn't even get out why I was so upset, so Dan told her. Then he started crying!! Poor Dr. K. SHe got down on her knees in front of me and assured me the embryos she was going to transfer were "beautiful" and "clear". I asked what happened to the others. WHen she looked at my chart, she had the same question herself so she called the lab. Turns out, b/c we wanted to transfer 3, they wanted those 3 back in me ASAP. There are actually 6 more still growing (so only 2 died over the past 2 days). I'm hoping that we can freeze 2-4 of those 6...but won't know until 3/20. Plus, as Dr. K reminded me, my uterus is a much better incubator than a petri dish.

Once she calmed me down off to the OR we went. Dan got to go and we saw them plop the embryos into my uterus via cathetar. I have a severely tilted uterus (it actually points toward my back). For this reason, I took Valium this time, to calm my muscles in hopes of my uterus doing what it is supposed to. I took 1 an hour before, and 1 30 minutes before. That's probably also why I was so emotional.

THey also did assisted hatching on all 3. This is where they use a laser to make a small pin point hole into the shell, so the embryos have a better chance of making their way out of the shell and into a nice cozy spot in my uterus.

We named them with IVF #1. We chose not to name them this time. We are, however, calling them 2, 12, and 13, which is the way the lab labeled them.

AND, when I got home, I was just getting ready to call a friend to tell her all was well. SHe texted me right before, saying she was in labor and her baby Evan will be here today!!!! We joked that hers is coming out and mine is going in:-)

So that's my story. Beta is 3/30, one day after our 6th wedding anniversary.

ANd here are our embies:-) The top 2 are 8 cell, and the bottom one is 7 cell.


Bluebird said...

Oooh, they're beautiful!!! I'm going to have absolutely everything crossed for you that they snuggled in good :)

I'm sorry you were so overwhelmed. I handle stress much the same way - picking fights, etc. I hope you and your DH are able to take good care of each other over the next days and weeks.

Sara Scissors said...

They are beautiful! I'm sorry you got so upset this morning, but it seems like that was the best option...and you'll have a few to freeze. I promise you finding that out on 3/20 is a great time...it's my DH's birthday! It has to have a good result! :)

Hope you are resting up and the embies are snuggling in nicely.

Jennifer said...

Beautiful little embies -- I hope they find a nice, cozy little spot in your uterus. Sorry this morning was so stressful, but it seems like you have a wonderful doctor who is in this with you all the way. I'm praying for you -- take it nice and easy until 3/20 :)

andrea said...

They look great!! i can only imagine how stressed you were when you got the call today. Dr K sounds like a great doctor. Those little embies are doing great inside mom now!

Anonymous said...

I am saying 13 looks like your lucky number!! That one looks GREAT!!! I wish and pray for the very best for you!! What you are doing is so hard emotionally. And then you add hormones....crazy people come out of us!!
Again....good luck...and get PLENTY OF REST!!

Matt and Jeni said...

They look beautiful and MORE than ready for the long haul. Get lots of rest and be as stress free as possible..

Gina said...

They look B.E.A.UTIFUL!
Best of luck to you, and I hope they are making a nice home in there!

Kristin said...

good luck good luck good luck!!
we transferred three too, and it was a success, so I'm hoping the same for you!

Lisa said...

Wow, they look beautiful - no fragmentation!! Best of luck!!

Heidi said...

That's some fine mitosis you got goin' there, missy. All the best of luck.