Thursday, February 9, 2012


aka Sophie, Sophie-soph, Sopherina, baby girl.

I love her. She makes me smile. She warms my heart, MELTS my heart, and at times drives me completely insane. But she's mine, and she's beautiful and I love her more than anything.

Her likes/loves:
Goldfish, cheese, working puzzles, going outside, playing blocks

Her dislikes/hates: getting her diaper changed; having her hair brushed; having her shoes taken off when she is not ready; having her picture taken.

Although not talking as much as she probably should, I'm not at all concerned. She knows many words, understands a TON more than she can speak, and is putting together 2 and 3 word phrases. The most common words to come out of her little mouth?
My, mine; fishies; NO; bed; bye bye (as in a car--that's what she calls cars); boosh (shoes); mommeeee; dadeeeee; daddy's crackers (graham crackers...this is funny because he doesn't even eat them...not sure how she made that connection); the word HOUSE comes out of her at least 20 times a day, usually ba-ba's house (my dad), Stacey's house (her sitter); be-Tee (blanket); dee-dee (cookie); pop-ups (pop tarts); na-dees (chicken nuggets).

She is in daycare 3 days a week, and has been since August. She loves it. Most of her playmates are female, and she is the youngest. She is learning a ton, not all of it good though...hello smacking!

She is just such a sweet little girl. She still sleeps in our bed at night (note: this is NOT a good thing!), but as she falls asleep she will put her arms around me and hug and pat me. She rubs my head, strokes my cheek. I love it. If she wakes in the middle of the night she'll reach for me and is fine as long as she can touch me. She also wakes sometimes, like last night, screaming for Goldfish.

She's getting independent. She likes to pick out her own clothes.

She's still jealous of the babies at times, but I've really tried hard to give her her own mommy time. I'm sure it's not enough, but I do what I can. Often times, she likes to help with the babies, by handing me diapers, picking out their pajamas, getting their blankets or pacifiers.