Friday, August 24, 2012

New wardrobe needed...

at least for the lower 3/4 of me. Now that I'm about 2 months post breast-feeding, I can see what the twin pregnancy has done to me. While I'm pretty close to the weight I was pre hormones of 4+ years ago, it has reportioned itself in some very ugly ways. 

I was about 140 when I got pregnant both times. Pre hormones, I stayed pretty close to 130, maybe a pound or two over at times. While breastfeeding, I FOUGHT to stay above at least 122. Even with eating everything in sight, I still had to struggle to keep my weight up. About 6 weeks after my mother in law died, I was down to 118. I don't even think I weighed that in high school. I was wearing a size 6, sometimes a 4.

It's funny (and sad) how quickly the weight piled on after wrapping up breast-feeding. It seems like within DAYS I was back up to 128, and then 130ish. Despite the fact that I've been at this weight most of my adult life, things are just...different. Interestingly enough, my boobs are about the same size, although a bit more sad, lol. From my stomach down though, it's all gone to hell. I NEVER had a muffin top, despite always carrying a bit of weight in my stomach. Now, it's popping out of every pair of pants I own. I don't know if it's a size issue, or the style of the pants that I'm used to wearing. It's very obvious to me that if I don't want to continue to look like a cupcake, I'm going to have to get higher waisted pants. NOT that I was wearing ass crack showing pants before!

I'm in desperate need of Stacy and Clinton.

LOL, I think Dan has noticed, because how could you NOT, but he's afraid to say anything. And he should be, b/c I've got more ammo on his weight that he on mind:)

I just feel gross, and fluffy, and frumpy. Of course, I'd do it all again in a heartbeat, but I do see a tummy tuck in my future. Or, I could start working out. Like.I.have.the.time.for.that.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012


Sophie's vocab started off fairly slowly. There was a brief time that I did worry that she would need some sort of OT or ST. Now, although she's still not to the point where she can enunciate things as clearly as I wish, she is quite the little chatter box. I chalk up most of it to daycare. Despite the fact that she still INSISTS on a pacifier at home, she rarely enters daycare with it in her mouth. She uses it on the car ride there, and then when I open the back door to get her out of the car, she hands it to me. We store it in her cubby at daycare, and there it stays until I pick her up after work. She doesn't even use it for naptime at daycare, but the second she sees me it goes back into her mouth. What's that about?

Anyhoo...some Sophie speak...
According to her, her name is Shoshe Crary. If I call her Sophie-Soph (one of my preferred nicknames for her), her response is "no, name is Shoshe Crary."

She is very good about saying "peesh" and "tank you." If you thank her, you'll hear "yo yelcome."

If she's doing something, anything, it's "my am." "My am eating."
If she's NOT doing something..."Ae you teasing Sierra?" "No, my am" or "no, my am teasing."

The cartoon Phineus and Ferb is simply "Ferb." Cat in the Hat is "Cat Hat."

If she has done any sort of art project at daycare, she instructs me to "take to work."

Yummy is "nummy," including medicine. She gets Zyrtec everyday to help keep her hives at bay. That is known as her "nummy medicine." Or, if something meets her definition of yucky, it's "nucky." "This milk is nucky," meaning she feels it's been left out of the fridge too long."

If she's watching TV and you get in her way, it's "no see, no see."

She still refers to the babies as Baby AB and Baby Connor, although it's pronounced more Conr.
She gets very upset in the morning if she's not allowed to "hug babies" before they get their first bottle:)

She continues to be very resistant to having her picture taken, and this is what I typically get.
Sophie and her side-eye.

Her go-to toys these days...pla-doh and puzzles. The girl can work a 24 piece puzzle like it's nobody's business:)  She also loves her play kitchen, loves to make tea (picked that up at daycare), and had recently starting talking about princesses. I'm seeing tiaras and dress up clothes in her near future.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

11 months!

The twins were 11 months on Monday. I can't really question "how did that happen" because quite honestly I have felt every day of it!

They are growing, thriving, becoming very independent (or at least WANT to be independent) little people.

AVERY (baby A)
1) 20.5 pounds, at least by my bathroom scale
2) hair turning blonde
3) eyes still blue. I guess there's still time, but I assumed they'd turn brown.
4) loves.to.eat. Seriously, the kids a vaccuum, including eating off the floor before I get a chance to clean the floor are their high chairs. So far, I haven't found anything she doesn't like.
5) Demanding
6) Fearless
7) Such a cuddler
8) Pulls to stand easily
9) 2 teeth, with 2 just barely broken through on top
10) Doesn't prefer sitting; she's always on the go. Although still working on crawling on all fours, her preferred method is the low crawl. The girl can move!
11) My guess is she'll be walking within 6 weeks.

CONNOR (baby B)
1) 20 pounds. How he weighs less than A, I have no idea.
2) Red:)  and he has curls in the same place that Sophie did, top of his head and around his ears:)
3) Blue, but this is no surprise to me. I imagine he'll end up being the male version of Sophie.
4) Eating: could take it or leave it. Unless it's something sweet, he takes his time.
5) Calm, cool, collected. Unless he's sick/teething, the only time he cries is if you take his toy away.
6) Curious.
7) LOVES to smile:)
8) Has recently started pulling to stand. His legs are no where close to as strong as A's, but he's catching up.
9) 6 teeth, with a 7th on the way (my little dental over-achiever)
10) He has perfected the crawl a little, and then immediately sit up and look around. Lather, rinse, repeat. It's like he wants to make sure he's not missing something.
11) He takes his time with everything. I have no good guess on when he might be walking.

ROAR! Here's A showing off her "almost" teeth."

A more reserved Avery.

Classic Connor. This boy looks like this 90% of the time. Sweet guy:)

Friday, August 3, 2012

And so it begins...

The twins are crawling, they're moving and shaking. Although typically content to play with toys, usually Sophie's (because why on earth would they want to play with BABY toys), they've starting trying to invent fun.

Evidence #1: This is Sophie's room, while she was at daycare. It was clean-ish when we left yesterday morning.  They upturned every freaking thing in her room, and obviously found her stash of dipes. Poor Sophie looked a little stricken when she walked into her room last night. I just threw my hands in the air and said "it happens," which has been my go to phrase for Sophie lately. Because really, why get upset? It's an easy clean-up.

It reminded me of this little sweet potato, who ironically was 11 months old at the time. Is this some sort of development stage that I wasn't aware?

Evidence #2: Not long after, I found Avery tearing into one of the bins in her room. Nothing like needing to do a load of clean laundry:) And pardon the skin showing, those are 6-9 month jammies, and STILL fall off of her.

Evidence #3: And finally, Connor found the laundry chute while Avery discovered the toilet paper.

I wonder what this weekend will bring!?