Tuesday, October 19, 2010

the beginnings of a FET plan...

After numerous messages to/from Dr. K's secretary, I have an appt on Nov 9 to see Dr. K for a consult. At that time, she will also do the SHG, to make sure my uterus is nice and smooth and the trial embryo transfer. The TET is done to "map" the path to my uterus, in preparation for the actual transfer. At first, I was told I couldn't schedule these b/c I am still bfing, but after further investigation, aka annoying pushing from me, I was told that these two procedures can be done. I just have to get my p4 drawn the day before to make sure I am not Oing.

It's hard for me to believe that I'm back to talking in acronyms.

The FET plan, in my head, goes something like this...I will start weaning Sophie mid-November with the plan to be completely done bfing by the end of the year. At that point, I can start Estrace for the FET cycle. If I remember correctly, I was on it for several weeks with FET #1. FET would actually take place late January to mid-February.

I'm curious how Dr. K's plan will differ from that. I can't imagine it will be much different. In my mind, my main concern is that I want her to do the FET (as opposed to one of the other 2 RE's there). Plus, unless it's changed, FETs are only done on Fridays, just b/c they are so much more predictable and easier to plan for than a fresh transfer.

We have two frozen embryos and we'll transfer them both, should they both thaw. Thaw rate at Dr, K's office is 75%, but all three of ours thawed for FET #1.

Honestly, I'm not holding out much hope that it will work, but I have to give them a shot. I desparately WANT it to work, but I'm trying to be realistic. And the reality is, it took 8 tranferred embryos to get Sophia, so the likelihood of one of these 2 thawing and sticking around is not great.

I'm not too emotional about it at this point, but I know that will come. I just want it done so it's...well..done. This will most likely be the end of the line for us. I can't put forth the mental effort to go through another fresh cycle. Sophia is plenty for both of us, and we are absolutely content with her. That said, I would love for her to have a sibling. I feel like we owe it to her to try.

Thursday, October 14, 2010

10 months (much delayed)

I'm forcing myself to sit down and write this now, before I think about it again and then get too busy. My work is swamped, I'm working way more than normal. At home, it's Sophie, and a very clingy, in-need-of-attention Sierra. We're getting ready to put our condo on the market, so in the bit of down-time, if I can really call it that, we are painting, cleaning, buying out Home Depot for various home beautification products.

This all means that I didn't post Sophie's 10 month un-offical stats. I think about it every day (yes, I'm serious), but there is literally no.time.at.all.

So here we go:)
1) red hair and blue eyes
2) Her hair grows so fast, she's already in need of another haircut. Perhaps before her first b-day party?
3) She is getting quite the personality.
4) When she doesn't want the food you are offering her, she will either a) clamp her mouth down and turnd away or b) push the spoon away, forcefully.
5) If she doesn't want her Wubbanub, she now THROWS it. Again, forcefully.
6) She doesn't have a favorite toy right now, really. She's more into exploring, and digging rocks and bits of tissue out of our rugs:)
7) Pulling up really well, and able to bear weight on her legs for a minute or two.
8) 12-18 month clothes are most comfy for her.
9) Size 3 diapers.
10) She's getting ready to outgrow the changing table. She finds it funny to kick all the lotions, creams, diapers off the end of the table!
11) We spent a few days away from Sierra and Sophie SQUEELED when she saw her again:)
12) Much to Dan's dismay, her favorite room in the condo is the kitchen.
13) As of 10 months, she had 3 teeth. Well, really 2.5, as her upper was still not all the way in. Two days ago, she got her 4th! So now, she has two middle bottom and two middle top.
14) Not in the 10 month timeline, but last night she learned (and got) how to give us "5." It's WAY cute and she laughs each time.
15) She uses us as her jungle gym, climbing all over us...paying no attention to eyes, mouth, hair etc.
16) She has a sick infatuation with pulling my hair. SO not fun:(
17) She had her first swing experience this weekend. She seemed to like it. (pic below)
18) She prefers table food or infant finger food to jarred foods. She loves chicken, and cheese:)
19) She was in her first wedding (my sister's) at the ripe old age of 10 months (pic below)
20)She continues to be the light of our lives. Each day, I am so thankful that I hung in for so long, and was blessed with such a perfect child:)