Tuesday, February 5, 2013

"That's Connor's. You can't touch it."

Oh boy. Yesterday afternoon/evening was eventful, in a very fun, kid sort of way:)

1) Sophie had the hiccups on the way home from daycare. She was clearly being entertained by talking to me, and having her words interupted by a hiccup. Each time it happened, we were both doubled over with laughter, at least as much as I could be while driving. I kept catching glimpses of her in the rear view mirror, checking to see if I was looking at (and listening to) her. I love that such simple things can bring her such immense joy!

2) We have never been shy about teaching Sophie that she has a va.gina and boys (like Connor) have penises. She's always seemed to "get" it, but I honestly never gave it much thought. Last week, she saw Connor in the tub and very obviously noticed his pe.nis for the first time. She kept staring and then finally pointed and said "what's that? What's Connor have there?" "Um, Sophie that's his penis." "That's his PE.NIS mommy??" "Yes, that's his penis." That was it, end of discussion. Fast forward to last night, when all 3 were in the tub together. Sophie had a very sly look on her face, and I could see the wheels spinning. I turned away for a second, and when I looked back she was holding his pe.nis in her hand, sort of making it flop up and down. Oh boy. "Sophie, that's Connor's penis. You can't touch it." "I can't?" "No, you can't touch his penis, and he can't touch your 'gina."

Didn't expect to have THAT conversation when she is just 3!

3) And finally, Sophie and I were in bed last night. As she was winding down, we heard a sound from the twins room. At first I thought it was Connor crying. I silently cringed, and hoped he'd just roll over and go back to  sleep. But, he kept going. And then I realized he wasn't crying, he was LAUGHING. Deep, deep, belly laughs, that just went on and on. He laughed for at least 3 minutes, if not longer. The type of laugh you'd hear if you were tickling him. This is SO very Connor. Although the tantrums have started, and boy can he throw one, he is just so happy go lucky, smiley, giggle at everything. It makes me feel like we're doing something right:)