Tuesday, March 10, 2009

all triggered:-)

I FINALLY got the call today at 4:05, after having my appt this morning at 8 am. My E2 was 1465, and I took my trigger shot (Ovidrel) tonight at 9:30. Dan and I went to the hockey game, and left early, so I ended up taking it in the car. How romantic:-)

I'm ecstatic that Dr. K is going to do the ER and ET. I knew she was doing the ET, so the ER is just a bonus. We have to be there at 9 am, and they should take me into surgery about 9:30.

Let the bloat begin. Ovidrel makes me feel/look like a balloon. But it's all for a good cause:-)

Before the hockey game, Dan and I stopped by St.ray Res.cue. I got to pet an entire gaggle of puppies!!! Dan informed the person there that I was hormonal trying to make a baby and the lady just nodded her head and said "oh yes, the maternal instint." So glad he's blabbing my news all over STL.

Tomorrow morning is Matt's funeral. I think we are going. I hate funerals, I really do...but I have to do this for Amy.


Jennifer said...

Yea!! It's awesome that your favorite dr will be doing both the ER and ET :-) Best of luck to you!!!

Lindsay and Tim said...

GL, GL, GL!!!!

Stacy said...

So happy Dr. K can do both the ER and ET for you. That is awesome. I am sending so much good luck your way!