Monday, December 17, 2012

Sophie is THREE!!!

Well, she turned 3 on December 5:)

My poor girl has been SO sick. She had a HORRIBLE virus the weekend before her birthday. I got her in to see the pedi on the Friday before her birthday, even though she'd only had a fever for about 12 hours. I don't care if I am "that" mom. It scares me when she is sick. Three hospitalizations is enough for me, for a lifetime. Dr R completely agreed with me, and was glad that I took her in.

Bottom line, no strep, no ear infection, no flu. She even checked her for meningitis. She kept complaining about her hair hurting, which is apparently how some kids talk about a headache. Dr. R sent us home with Tamiflu, in the event it *was* a flu strain not detected by the test. No amount of tylenol/ibuprofen would bring her fever down to normal. She was too weak to walk, and slept for almost 72 hours. The sheets were soaked where she slept. She did start retracting on Saturday, but a bit of Albuteral seemed to get that in control. Her fever started breaking Sunday morning, but a few hours later would rise again. It did that a few times.

By Monday morning, it seemed the worst had passed, but I kept her home from school. She did go on Tuesday, and appeared to be getting better. Wednesday was her birthday, and about noon she started heading downhill again. Very lethargic, no energy. Her birthday presents didn't really even perk her up.

She was fairly sick again by Friday, but her party was Saturday morning. I couldn't decide whether to cancel it or not. I decided to move forward, but on Saturday morning she all but refused to get out of bed, "My no go to Magic House! My stay home with babies." I'm going to sound like an evil, evil, uncaring mother, but my thought was "the party is an hour, and we've put down a deposit. Certainly she can suck it up for that long." Horrible, right???!!!! I talked her into getting out of bed, eating, getting ready. It was rough. She is stubborn. STUBBORN like her father. I feared she'd get to the point where she would flat out refuse and I'd have to pick her up kicking and screaming and drag her to her party. Luckily, she perked up a bit for the ride there and a bit of playtime before the party.

But, once we entered her Party Room, she completely unraveled. She REFUSED to sit in the birthday chair. She REFUSED to paint on her canvas. She only wanted to be held; kept rubbing her eyes. It was not her shining moment.

The rest of the weekend was not a ton better. She did play with her new toys, but was still "off." She went to daycare on Monday, again me with the "I'm the mom and you're going to go" mentality, even though she specifically said she didn't want to go. It's just such a fine line between HEARING what she is saying and deciding if she's saying it to be manipulative, or because something is really wrong. The teachers said she was the first to nap, the last to get up and her usual rambunctious self on the playground didn't want to play outside at all.

By Tuesday morning I was fairly certain she needed to get back to the dr, where she was diagnosed with a sinus infection and a double ear infection. On top of that, they tested her for Mono. MONO, OMG! My first thought was, holy crap, that would explain SO much, especially the fatigue and lethargy. My second thought was holy shit how was I going to present this to all my friends and her daycare moms who came to her party.

Luckily, her bloodwork was normal. THANK GOD. She's STILL not 100%, 6 days after starting her antibiotic. We have her 3 year check on Wed, and it wouldn't surprise me at all if they didn't order another round of antibiotics.

So, that's that.

Just over 3 feet tall:)

The best we could do at her party. She.was.clearly.miserable.

She perked up a bit when the presents came out:)