Tuesday, January 11, 2011

rolling right along...

Condo stuff is keeping me busy, and sane (mostly). I'm continuing to take Estrace three times a day. That little blue pill really is nasty. It's not easy to swallow, and sometimes doesn't make it all the way down the first time. Gag-o-rama:(
I've developed a dull, nagging, never-go-away headache, from the Estrace I assume. Otherwise, no side effects so horrible that I feel the need to go on and on about them.

3 days until monitoring appt. I'm ready to see what's going on in there. Hopefully my lining is plumping up nicely and is soft and getting ready to act as the welcome wagon for Sophia's sibling(s). I can only hope.

We survived the realtor's visit this weekend. In all, they only had some minor recommendations. Apparently, we put TOO much stuff in the pods. "Do you have a picture to go there?" "Yep, in the pod." "Do you have a night stand and lamp?" "Yep, in the pod." So, I spent quite a bit at Bed, Bath and Beyond yesterday trying to liven the place up with some personality. Dan threw a fit of course, but I didn't buy anything that I 1) didn't like or 2) don't plan on using again.

The photographer was supposed to take pictures today, but cancelled due to the snow storm. He's coming tomorrow instead. I'm feeling really good about how the place looks. We signed the selling contract, and I feel pretty good about our pricing. There are currently 21 condos for sale in our zipcode that are similar to ours; two of those are on our street. We've chosen to list our condo for 10k less than those two. Can you tell we are motivated to sell? We will probably lose money in this whole deal, but we need to get out. It's time. I've detached myself already. There should be a For Sale sign in the yard by Friday:)

Sophia continues to be utterly fantastic. Her schedule seems to be changing a bit. She's going to bed a bit early, waking earlier. She now sleeps from about 8:30 to 7:30 or 8. It's hard for me getting ready in the morning, when she's awake, but I also love the extra "me" time in the evening. And, now that the condo is just about ready, I actually see a book in my future:)

I think she might be teething, molars I assume? She's drooling, and fussy, and clingy. I am able to see her top gums when I turn her upside down. Thankfully, she loves that game. The bottom gums are harder to see. I *think* I might have felt the sharpness of a tooth this weekend, but really can't be too sure.

Her signing is coming along well too:) Except, yesterday she seemed to be signing "more" when she really wanted "milk." Not sure how that happened, lol. She's also starting to sign "potty" which is really cute, since it's sort of a complicated movement for her. The end result looks like she's waving:) She can also sign "all done" when she's finished eating, although the tell-tale sign is when she rips her bib off!

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Anonymous said...

Estrace does the same to metoo!! Ugh, I was in misery at 9dp3dt!!
You can take that same exact pill vaginally-and only need to insert one in the am and one in the pm instead of 3/3.
MUCH better!!!
Call your doc in the morning to get ok-but I was side lined with a consistent headache after the 4th day on estrace during my first IVF cycle.
Doc said I could take em vaginally for the FET. Less of them and they are actually more effective because your stomach and liver isn't involved in the metabolism process too-thats why you have to take so much orally).

I am now on day 6 of taking them for my FET with no headache whatsoever!
Good luck!!