Tuesday, January 18, 2011

On the market!!!

Our condo is officially on the market!! Woohoo!!! Wish I could post the listing here, but that is a bit weird...putting my address out there like that,lol. We spent SO much time cleaning this weekend. There is a broker open house today, and a public open house this weekend. Is it too much to ask that someone sees it and loves it and put in a contract?? I suppose in this economy, yes that is too much to ask.

But, I cannot IMAGINE keeping this level of cleanliness. We have a baby and a shedding dog!

In FET news, I took my antiobiotic on Sunday, and also started the PIO. I started Medrol on Monday, upped the PIO and also started baby aspirin. Also, I got a call from my pharmacy saying I have a script to pick up, so I assume Dr. K was fine with calling in the Valium for me.

I won't know until Thursday afternoon what time to be at Dr. K's office, but I just scheduled a massage appt for 9 am Friday morning. Between the massage and the Valium, I will be a wet noodle:)

Sophie took her first few stumbling steps this weekend. She also did alot of knee walking, which I have NEVER seen before, lol. I wanted to post more pics than this, but ran out of time this morning. In addition to the knee walking, she's started doing these weird leg moves. I'm not sure if it's a precurser to walking, but it sure is adorable:)

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Alison said...

Sophie is SO STINKIN CUTE!! Good luck with the FET tomorrow!!