Monday, January 3, 2011

Because I feel the need....

I'm posting twice in one day.
1) Guess what I just got?! An e-mail from a co-worker that his son was born on Dec 29. The kicker? A family pic attached of mom, dad, new baby and TWO year old big sister. I tell you...these people just FIND me, lol:)
2) I talked to my nurse today and my estimation of b/w and u/s on Jan 14 was right on. Should all look good that day, meaning my ute is nice and plump and comfy-looking, I'll start PIO on Jan 16 and FET will be Jan 16.
3) I hope I didn't jinx myself this morning. My obgyn nurse called to reschedule my annual exam which was, ironically, scheduled for Jan 21. I told her we were going through an IVF procedure and "let's just push it to Feb in hopes that it can be a prenatal visit." Damnit, WHY did I say that? WHY, why WHY?!?!?

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