Friday, January 21, 2011

horizontal blogging

Our FET happened at 10 am this morning. All went well, especially after 2 Valium;) Sophie woke us up at 4:40, and at about 5 am I realized that I hadn't talked to Dr K about Assisted Hatching of the embryos. I also realized that I hadn't confirmed that it would be Dr. K that actually did the transfer. Obsessive me starting calling at 8 am, in hopes of talking with the IVF nurse about AH. Turns out, they do AH with all FETs.

The embryos could have looked better. All three DID survive the thaw, but only one looked really good. THe other two were becoming necrotic, and on one Dr. K even pointed out that the part (for lack of a better term) that would/could become the placenta didn't look so great. Needless to say, I was upset. That said, I have heard SO many stories of crappy looking embies going on to make babies, while the great looking embies that you would assume would make a baby not working. So, we'll see.

The transfer itself went fabulously. Typically, it's been the transfer that has been the rough part for us, so I'm thankful that I don't have that to worry about. As they were wheeling me out of the OR, I told Dr. K that I was worried the two didn't look so great. Her response was "I'm thrilled that one looked good." She's right. We've now done all we can do. They had me lie on my back for 30 minutes and then we were off.

I WISH I didn't know about the great stats recently. They did get my hopes up. Now, my hopes are not so great. The nurses reminded me that spotting/bleeding is/can be normal, so not to stress over that. I did not spot at ALL with FET #1, but did spot (and bleed) with both fresh IVFs.

Beta is Tues Feb 4, 12 days post transfer. I confirmed that if implantation is going to happen, it will occur in the next day or so.

Prior to the transfer, Dan said "this is it." I reminded him that we still have frozen sperm and he shook his head no. I was in no position or mood to argue my point, but am willing to fight for one more IUI cycle should this not work.

We stopped by McDonald's, and then got home about 11:30. My mom was watching Sophie, so after eating I went straight to bed where I slept off the Valium. My parents just left about 3 PM, and Dan's mom came to take over Sophie duty for the next few hours. I'm on light duty, and can't lift anything over 20 pounds for the next few days, which means Sophie:( She can crawl up in my lap, but I can't actually pick her up.

I'm in bed, and our scanner is packed away. Will post a picture of my 3 little embies on Monday. Stick little ones,please...


Stacy said...

Hope one (or more) of those embies are snuggling in right now!

Rebekah said...

I'm glad the transfer went smoothly. Don't worry about what the embies look like/are graded. Nothing you can do but be hopeful about this cycle! Good luck!! I'm praying for you.

Lucy said...

Best wishes for a restful transfer. Hoping for implantation!

Heidi said...

Good luck!!