Friday, January 14, 2011

"not while I'm eating"

This was Dan's response to my comment last night "I have a dildo-cam appt in the morning." It SO reminded me of the SATC episode with Charlotte and Trey, when they were trying to get pregnant. Except, I think in that episode Charlotte was talking about sperm:)

My monitoring appt went well. My lining is at a 12 which is great, and P4 is where it needs to be. I honestly didn't even ask the #, b/c I know I haven't O'd, and that's really what they are looking for with that blood draw.

Soooo...on Sunday, I'll take my antibiotic, and also start PIO and baby aspirin (continuing to also take the Estrace). FET is set for next Friday, Jan 21. They'll call me the day before to give a more specific time. At my RE, all of the fresh IVF ER and ETs are first, and then the FETs come after, so it really depends on what's going on with other patients.

I also asked the nurse to ask Dr. K for a few Valium pills for that morning. I really do think that taking Valium with IVF #2 was one of the different things we did that helped to make that cycle successful. At my u/s this morning my ute was back to looking "severely retroverted." The Valium tends to help straighten it out a bit.

Let the countdown begin. I'm trying to keep myself busy with things. Dan and I are going to a movie tomorrow, I'm having lunch with friends on Sunday, Monday will be spent cleaning for our first open house on Tues...must.keep.mind.occupied:)

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