Wednesday, January 26, 2011

my treat

Dan called yesterday about 4:30 asking me to run by Wal.greens on my way home to pick up a few scripts for him. He had a hellacious dental appt earlier in the day, and the dentist had called in Vicadin and penicillin for him. Did I WANT to go to Wal.greens in rush hour traffic? No. Did I WANT to stand in the pharmacy line at 5 pm? No. But I did, b/c I'm nice:) So, on the way there I'm mentally going through the store trying to think if there's anything else I/we need while I'm there. I came up with eyeshadow and deodorant.

In my head, I continue down the aisles, and OH. Wait! I can get a pregnancy test!!! No, that's silly. Waste of money. BUT, the FET ended up costing a bit less than expected, so why not? No, it's dumb. If I have them, I will use them, and it's too early. But I'll be there, so why not. I can always return them if I don't use them (yeah, right).

In the end, I bought a box of 2 F.act Pl.us tests. When I left this morning they were sitting on the kitchen counter. Better in the kitchen than in the bathroom, where I might actually pee on one of them. But, they are in the condo.

When I gave Dan the bag from Walgreens last night, he ignored the test, and just went for the Vicadin, lol. I thought he was ignoring it, but he did seem to be in quite a bit of pain. This morning, he said "what's this" when he saw the HPT box. I didn't answer b/c DUH, what do you think it is?! He said "I thought only drs tests were right." Um no, we got our first BFP at home dum-dum. I then told him it was my treat for driving to the pharmacy in rush-hour traffic:) Better than a bag of m and m's, right??

So....I'm exhausted (it's the PIO). I could barely keep my eyes open last night. Today, I'm a bit crampy. No spotting, no heartburn. I analyzed my boobs last night...they are not veiny, not sore. I had some very vivid dreams last night, some of them were um...interesting...Was it b/c I was so tired and got some serious REM sleep going, or was it b/c, until yesterday, I forgot that vivid dreams have been known to be an early symptom, and it was my mind just messing with me?

tick tock, tick tock, 7 days until beta (at least 4 days until I pee on something).

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TTC a lil F said...

I would have gotten two bags of M&M's and a pregnancy test. I am rooting for you! I could never wait for my Beta, I POAS at 7 dp5dt. Hope your hubby feels better.