Thursday, January 27, 2011

getting the itch...

to pee on something. Specifically, one of those damn tests that have now been thrown to the back of my bathroom cabinet.

6dp6dt today. No spotting, no boob issues, not really crampy enough to call it crampy, a bit queasy but that could be b/c this is so nerve-wracking. Last night, I almost gagged changing Sophie's poopy diaper. I have never come CLOSE to gagging during a diaper change before, but last night it got to me. Also, yesterday I walked into our suite of offices and immediately yelled "someone's eating french fries." It's no secret around the office that I adore fries. I immediately started looking for the culprit. Turned out it wasn't fries, but WAS potatoes. A co-worker said "wow, I didn't smell those at all!" Is that something? Anything? Wishful thinking?

The FET ended up costing $500 less than I expected, so I'm rationalizing my desire to POAS as "now we can afford to buy more if these are negative."

But, in reality the devastation of a BFN, even though technically it might be too early is alot to deal with. I somewhat enjoy living in the land of the blissful unknown.


Fran said...

When are you having the blood test? If I remember correctly you didn't test with Sophia, and I am an advocate for repeating what worked before! Sure all the signs are positive, so you may just be surprised!! Love, and can't wait! Fran

Alyssa said...