Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This post was supposed to have a picture of the transferred embryos, but no such luck. I can't get it to upload. You aren't missing too much, just picture 3 moon looking blobs and you get the picture:)

So, here I sit at 4dp5dt (or it is 6d)? They were frozen at 5 days, but then given a day to thaw, so who knows really.

I'm feeling pretty ambivilent today. Not optimistic, not pessimistic. No symptoms to speak of. I spent the morning reading blogs of successful FETs. Probably not a smart move, but whatever. I need something, lol:)

Still debating on to test or not. In everything I've read, successful FETs typically start off on the low side, beta-wise. Meaning that if I DID test, and the HCG was too low, it might not show up. At the earliest, I would wait until Sunday.

With FET #1, I didn't spot at all. With IVF #2 (that worked), I spotted/bled alot. Given those two experiences, I'm not sure if I WANT to see blood on the tp, or not. And yes, I've started looking. That's just what I do.

If I remember correctly, my very first symptom with the SOphie pregnancy was heartburn. I remember it b/c I NEVER get heartburn. So far, no heartburn.

Hey little embies, what are you doing down there? Anything productive?


Anonymous said...

Good Luck! I have been following your blog and had 3 embies transfered Friday also! It was a 3 day transfer from fresh IVF #3. Already have a 9 month daughter from successful IVF#2. I have some slight cramping, but its hard not to look into everything!! Good Luck, here's to 1,2 or 3 of our embies sticking around!! Prayers to you!

Fran said...

Well...on my FET I had no symptoms at all! Sending you tons of positive vibes!!

Rebekah said...

I had no symptoms with my FET either. With this pregnancy (though totally different), I was sick very early and had lots of spotting. I know that doesn't help much, but I feel like it's something! Hang in there!! Praying hard for you, momma!

Lucy said...

I only ever did a fresh IVF, but I tested around 5 (or 6?) dp5dt...and it was positive. The very next day, I was constipated, and stayed that way much of the pregnancy. But no symptoms before that. I wouldn't be able to hold out testing! GL!

The SOFT Fertility Blog said...

Good Luck!!