Friday, June 11, 2010

Torticollis update

arePhew. This has been the week of dr appts. Yesterday was Sophia's PT appt--ok, so not a dr really, but whatever.
Her neck rotation to the right is MUCH improved. Her tilt to the left still needs alot of work, although it's better. PT gave us some alternatives to the excercise that she's been fighting so hopefully that will help. We also have a new excercise called "head righting." Basically, we have to position her on our lap (or excercise ball) and tilt her whole body to the right, which automatically makes her head correct to the left (or "right" itself). We do this 3x per day, 10-15 times each, or until she is obviously tired.

I also mentioned that she seems to use her left hand most of the time. PT said that that is also a sx of torticollis, b/c of the way the head is rotated/tilted. Basically, she SEES her left hand more , and it's easier for her to track her left hand. So, we will start working to encourage her to use her right hand more. This is, thankfully, fairly simple. When we're holding her, we can just hold down/pin (sounds more harsh than it is) her left arm to her side or behind her a bit, which will force her to use her right arm. Also, we have to encourage her to lift her right arm over her head. This is a bit trickier, but can be done with the help of toys. Last night, for example, I held her links above her head, to her right, and held down her left arm. Worked like a charm:)

So, we get to work on these new excercises and go back to PT next Friday. She did mention that we really have to keep at this. She said so many times parents see their child getting "fixed" and start to taper off/completely stop the excercises. She made it clear that what we are fixing CAN be "undone" so we have to keep it up.

I asked about the flat spot on her head and PT said it's better, so I feel good about that. I've done all I can possibly do to get her off of her back. We mentioned that we are about to put her Bumbo away (for size reasons mostly), and PT said "no, she's done with the Bumbo." She was adament. She said that it's only to be used to assist with learning how to sit, and since she can do that now, we don't need nor should we use the Bumbo. Another piece of baby gear bights the dust...

Next stop, 6 month pedi appt today...


Lisa said...

So glad she is improving!

Remeber how I had posted a comment on your blog a while back saying that I thought my LO had tort? Well I found out that she does have it, and we started PT this week. I acutally paged you on the bump, but I'm not sure if you saw it :) The streches are very difficult because she fights it, but I try and make loud noises, and/or sophie and other toys to try and distract her.

I noticed my LO uses her right hand more, so that is definalty likned with the torticollis.

Lisa said...

I resonded to you over on my blog, but I'll post it here too :)


Yeah, I am hardly ever on there either so I had no idea if you had responded or not :) She really doesnt like either of the holds, but really seems to hate the rotation (so the opposite as Sophia). She did recc. the neck tilt hold, which we do and she doesnt mind that at all.