Monday, June 14, 2010

6 month "official" stats

Sophia's 6 month pedi appt was on Friday. She weighs 17.1 pounds (75th percentile), is 25 inches long (25th percentile) and her noggin is 44 cms, (90th percentile)! So far, she has Dan's head and my height:)

She got 4 shots, which she didn't handle too well. I dropped Dan and Sophie off at home after the appt, and came back to work. He called to say she had cried her first real tear, so the shots must really have hurt her. Combine that with teething and we had ourselves a cranky-Franky. Speaking of teething, her 2nd tooth came in last week.

Dr. R wants us to start feeding her 2 meals of solid foods per day. Dan will feed her fruit for lunch, and I'll feed her veggies/rice cereal for dinner. She did say we can try oatmeal now, but she seems to be doing ok with the rice cereal, so I'll keep that up a bit longer.

Dr. R also said she weighs enough to be sleeping through the night. That's great, in theory. However, for the past week or so, she's been waking 2 times, once at 1:30 and once at 4:30. I feed her both times, but I'm not sure if she's really hungry or not. What I DO know is that she just fusses until I feed her, so that's my short term solution.

She also has excema, which is no surprise given the allergies/sensative skin that run in my family. I've been directed to slather her with Aveeno after each bath, and keep hydrocortizone on an excessively dry patch on the back of her calf.

ALSO, she is officially sitting up on her own. My big girl is growing up! She can sit up for several minutes, assuming she doesn't try to move too much, lol.

She's a babbling fool lately too. Less drool (now that the teeth have come in), but no less noise. It's adorable, simply adorable. I can't get enough of her.

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