Monday, June 7, 2010

"Her hips are perfect."

Orthopedist appt was yesterday. First step was getting the x-ray done, which wasn't a problem. Dr. K was enthralled with Sophia, as usual:) She asked if she slept like a frog, with her legs spread out. I thought it was an odd comment and told her that she is still sleeping with her harness, so of course that is how she looks. She then said "she's done with it. She doesn't need the harness anymore." It caught Dan and I both offguard, because we expected her to "graduate" to a different style of harness. She then said what was music to our ears, "her hips are perfect." I was shocked. YAY Sophie:) She walked through the x-ray with us, and explained that she liked to see a 30 degree angle (of which bones, I've already forgotten), at 12 months, and that Sophie, at 6 months, is already at that 30 degree stage. We go back in 8 months, when she'll be 14 months. Dr. K will follow her until she's 10, so at 14 months, then 2, 3, 5 and 10 years.

I asked why she opted not to move Sophia to the next type of harness and she said that with her mild dysplasia, research shows no difference in long term prognosis, wearing the harness from 6-12 months or not.

Realistic me, who needs to know things upfront, asked what would be "bad" news at the 14 month appt. She said that unless there is a family history, there really shouldn't be bad news. Her hips are "in" at this point, and they won't come "out", the only issue would be a negative change in the degree.

So there you have it. Last night was her first night sleeping without her harness. I would say she's only slept without it maybe 5 times since she was 9 days old. I woke up in the middle of the night to her slamming her legs down in her pack n play. She's obviously not used to the extra freedom:)

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Calista and James Mejia said...

awww so great to hear/read! I hated that damn harness (and later the brace). Funny because I actually went to my Blogger to add a post about my daughter's Ortho appt, which was this morning - they told us to finally throw away her hip brace. I'd rather run it over with my car a few times, then toss it in the trash & light it on fire! hahaha

But congrats on having an adorable baby girl that doesn't have to wear the harness anymore, YIPPEE!!