Sunday, June 27, 2010

PT Progress

I completely forgot to mention Sophia's PT appt this past Friday. The first thing B said was "wow, she's looking really good!" She'd doing really well holding her head at midline, but does need some added endurance to hold it there for longer periods of time. We'll continue to work on that, as well as continue to strengthen her left neck muscle.

Sophie was having NO part of PT. We really didn't get much accomplished. She was a crank-meister, and cried everytime B or I attempted to put her into a stretching position. The good news is we don't have to go back until July 25. B said as long as we continue to do her excercises there's no need to come in so frequently. I hate to admit it but we HAVE been slacking in that department. It's not that it's hard, it's just not routine to remember to do them. Inevitably, I will have already picked her up from the changing table when I remember the excercises. Nine times out of ten I'll put her back down and do them, but sometimes not. Dan is the same way. So, I feel like we got off easy, but vow to keep it up like we should.

Oh, and PSA about the Jumparoo. Dan mentioned to B that we have one (and that Sophie loves it). She cringed at the mention of it, so of course I probed for more info. She said that alot of times parents will come in when there kid is learning to walk, and report issues with them wanting to bounce, not walk. According to her, it's a result of the jumparoo. I told her we didn't leave her in for hours at a time. Her primary concern was that Sophie is getting enough opportunity to stand outside of the Jumparoo. She said the excersaucer is completely fine, and I also showed her how she stands while holding on to me, which was totally acceptable.

And for your viewing pleasure, here's our first glimpse of her teeth. She is very guarded about her mouth right now, so this pic is actually a still shot of a video I took of her giggling:)


Lisa said...

YAY! Great progress...we dont go back to the PT until Aug. 10th, but I can see a big improvement already in my LO! Sophie looks great!

Oh and out PT said the exercauser is the devil because it encouraged babies to stand on their toes, and not flat footed. So who knows...either way we stopped using it after our appoitment.

Tricia said...

I think you are fine, she's a first born not 3rd or 4th (I was fifth and I walk fine now). she does not spend near as much time in either as the PT would be worried about. I hate how everything is legal concern now and every statement is general.
T had both an exersaucer AND a jumper, she was in both and a walker, and she walked at 10/11 months..

Alyssa said...

We love the jumperoo. We have PT for Hailey, and they said to stop using it too.

As soon as they can offer me something that will keep her entertained for the 20 minutes here and there that I need, then I'll stop using it.

After B Comes C said...

Most doctors and specialists agree that jumpers, exersaucers, and walkers are the devil.

I have started reading your blog from the begining and am so happy you finally have a princess!

I had a walker/exersaucer when I was a baby and I walked at 10 months.

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

We have the same issues with remembering to do our little one's stretches. Carry him away from the changing table and then go "Dangit, forgot AGAIN!"