Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time for a change...

I finally did something a *little* different to the blog. Not sure I like it, but it's an improvement over what it was. I think;) It still needs alot of work. I'm also thinking of changing the title. It doesn't fit anymore. It's more "Sophie's World" than "My Infertile World." Speaking of that, I have a child now (wow, still hard to think/say that), so am I still infertile? Technically speaking, I don't think so, but mentally I am. I have no delusions of getting pregnant the "regular" way, although Dr K swore it can happen. We're not holding our breath, that's for sure. I will forever lump myself in the group of women that spent years trying to get pregnant.

I don't want someone who googles "infertility" to come across this blog and open it just to see a smiling picture of Sophia. Been there done that, and while it sometimes gave me a smidge of hope (depending on the day/amount of hormones in my system/presence of a period), more times than not it was just a kick in the stomach. I don't want to do that to someone else. However, I know that some key word searches like "IVF" or "FET" or "endo" will lead people here anyway, so I guess there's not a lot I can do about that.

Other news...
Our kitchen is nearing completion. Cabinets and all appliances are in, and the granite is getting installed as I type. My mom made the comment that we're fixing it up so well that we won't want to sell. Not quite. I am SO ready to get out of there. I keep telling myself that with any luck, we'll be in a new house 12 months from now. I'll try to post pics soon!

Sophie news...
Not alot new. See, this is what happens when I post so frequently:) When I go a week without posting there is SO much to say, and when I post so often, nothing seems quite post-worthy.
I haven't made it to Target to get the bumper for her crib. I'm taking 1/2 day off tomorrow and heading straight there after I leave work. This means that as of tomorrow night, I have NO excuse for her to sleep in pnp anymore:( Honestly, she is outgrowing it. She *just* fits to lie the short way, and a few mornings I've woken up and she's moved herself and is laying longway. It's time.