Monday, June 28, 2010

Sophie's first trip to the zoo!

We took our first trip to the zoo yesterday! It was also Sophie's first ride on the carseat "the big girl way." She wasn't really sure what to do, lol.

She was, however, more excited to chew on the new strap than to look at the animals.

I took these two before we left, when she was fresh. Good thing too, b/c Sophie can sweat. By the time we made it back to the car, her head was full of little sweat curls, cute and sad at the same time. At least I slathered her with sunblock this time, so not even a hint of a burn.

We went with an old friend of Dan's and her daughter who is 2. She gave me a fresh perspective on the whole bfing situation. Her daughter was born at 32 weeks and she was only able to bf about 3 months. For various reasons, she had to stop. She found a milk bank and supplemented with another women's breast milk until her daughter was 13 months old. Hearing her story really hit home for me, I guess. She had wanted to continue, but just couldn't. Now, I'm back on the bandwagon of NOT cutting back yet. I think that I will burn through what I have in the freezer, and take anything newly pumped to my parents house, to store in their deep freeze, so it will last longer.


Fran said...

She's getting so grown up and cuter by the minute! Fran

Stacy said...

I love her hat!!! She has the cutest outfits.

And look at her so grownup in the big girl stroller.

Sadie LOVES the zoo. The monkeys are her favorite. She just started noticing the animals more on our last trip there.