Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A sleeping update

As I put Sophie in her pack and play last night, she looked up at me as if to so "why did you put me down." I knew I was in for it. She fussed, and fussed, and cried a little. I went to bed about 10 minutes later and listened to her moving and fussing for about 20 more minutes. I finally leaned over and started massaging her tummy. It's something I've done since she was just a few weeks old, when she was having gas issus. It worked! She stopped fussing and was asleep within minutes.

Then, she woke at 12:52 (yes, I know the time). She did her usual fussing and moving around, slamming her legs down on the pack and play. I let her do this for 30 minutes. Just when I thought she was done...she'd start again. I tried the tummy massage again, and it worked again!

After that, she slept until 4:15, so I fed her and put her back down, and she slept until 8.

I feel good about last night. I hated her crying, but I knew she wasn't in any pain. I'm going to try to keep this up and we'll see how it goes.

She does not sleep in her crib yet, for 2 reasons.
1) I need to get a crib bumper. When she plays in her crib, she inevitably gets her foot/leg caught in one of the crib slats.
2) I have a HUGE deadline next Thursday. Until then, I need to be able to sleep as peacefully as possible.
I'm planning on making the move to the crib on July 1. I'm already dreading it. For so long, I thought she'd be fine with the move, and it would be harder on me. Quite honestly, I've kept her next to the bed so long b/c it's just convenient for me. After the move, I'll have to actually get up:) However, now that this new pattern has emerged for her, I'm not so sure she's going to handle it as well as I had originally hoped.

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Rebekah said...

Sorry you're still having issues. Glad last night was better, though! I hope the pattern continues.