Friday, June 4, 2010

sweet potatos, green beans and a TOOTH!!!

It's been awhile. I knew that if I didn't update today, it wouldn't happen this weekend...and then due to next week being absolutely, completely full...it also wouldn't happen next week.
So....Sophie has tried sweet potatos, and loves them:)

Next up was green beans. Not.so.much.

I've been mixing the rice cereal in with the veggie and she is tolerating it more (i.e. not spitting it RIGHT out, lol). Carrots are on the menu for this weekend.

And um, her poops are just obnoxious, since we started solids. Yuck-O. I don't mind the mess so much as the stench. yikes. But, the "good" news is she is going much more than once a week now (as she did before the solids started).

The BIG news is that 2 nights ago her first tooth broke through:) I was holding her,away from me (her back was to my chest) and I was blindly trying to put her pacifier in her mouth. My knuckle went in instead and she bit down. Um, ok, there is something in there. I was so busy at the time, so didn't think much about it. Later that night, I wrestled her down (b/c who really likes to have someone else's fingers stuffed into their mouth?) and sure enough, I saw one teeny tiny little white triangle popping up. I'm trying to see "signs" of teething, so we'll know when the next one pops. The only thing I can really pinpoint is that she was pulling on her ear, and for several days before the tooth popped, she wasn't eating as much. She was eating as often, but not nearly as much. I had written that off to the introduction of solids, or maybe it is a combo of the two...??? And now that I think about it, maybe the tooth was partly to blame for the nasty poops (I've heard that teething causes diarhea)??

Developmentally, she's picking up speed also. She is in the early stages of "tripod-ing" and can sit unassisted for a few seconds at a time. SHe does really well...and then slowly starts to fall over:) When in her carseat, swing or bouncy chair, she is constantly trying to sit up. Yesterday afternoon, she napped in her crib, on her back. When I heard her starting to stir, I went in and she was on her tummy, neck up and just looking around. This is HUGE, especially in regards to the torticollis. She didn't know I was in the room, so I left her alone to do her own PT, which lasted about 10 minutes. Go Sophie!!!
Speaking of PT, she's been really resistant to one of her neck excercises, but we keep trying. I don't think she is in pain, I think she just doesn't like being forced to do something that doesn't really feel natural. Otherwise, we're doing ok. I'm holding her in the right positions, bfing in the right positions and trying to encourage her to look the right way, by holding toys just out of her gaze so she really has to move her neck to see them. It's hard though, and takes some time and patience.

In fun news, she.loves.bubbles. Dan ran into the grocery last week, so I hopped in the backseat to hang out with her. I started blowing bubbles and she was just shrieking with happiness. I couldn't blow them fast enough. I have to get a video of this, OMG it was the best thing ever. After the bubble would pop, she would just look at me like "ok mom, do it again."

Next week she has 3 appts. Ortho on Monday, PT on Thur, and pedi (6 month appt) on Fri. Plus, our kitchen rehad is underway (must post pics), and are cabinets are getting installed on Tues).

For fun...

her first time in the grass:)


Hippie Family... said...

shes so cute, I can't wait to see the bubbles!!
T got the runs with EVERY tooth!! Everytime.. ya, fun stuff. Stand behind the BF and teeth, so that means saying no but not giving up :)

Jen Wargo said...

Stacey, she's so cute. I was reading your thing over to the right and it says she was born 12/5/10.....should it be 12/5/09? I can't believe it's tooth time already!