Saturday, October 4, 2008


It's amazing how much less I have to say when I am not in a medicated cycle. I'm trying really hard to find interest/joy in other things right now...I am trying...but it is still on my mind so much.

I got our packet from Dr. S.ilber yesterday. I must say I was impressed. Along with the usual patient info sheets for me and Dan, where we tell our whole sordid IF story, there were great brochures with stats and testimonials. THey also sent 3 DVD's, all of different shows Dr. S has been on. THe cost for IVF is a tiny bit more than with Dr. K, but it is inclusive of ICSI, AH, all the "extra" that most other RE's charge separately for. He also does a min-IVF that I have always been interested in. There was also an interesting stat, that 57% of IVFs where the woman has "normal" eggs, end up successful with his clinic. That's not the same stat listed on SART so I want to ask about that. Long story short...I am excited for our appt and feel optimistic again that between he and Dr. K I will have a child.

I'm starting a new sewing project today for an upcoming baby shower for one of my nestie friends. She knows she's getting something homeade, so it's fine to post here. I just can't post a pic until after the shower:-)

I'm also going to try to make myself a bag. I found some fabulously cute fabric at the store this morning and had to have it. I once again have more projects than I have time for...but it keeps me calm.

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