Thursday, October 16, 2008

Small update

Sorry I couldn't get more creative with the title.

I talked to Dr. K this afternoon. She gave me the name of the HR person to contact, so now I can send my letter. The RE's aren't meeting about our case until *next* Tuesday so she'll call me after that and let me know if they talked about any other tweaks to my case.

She checked and saw that my name is on the Family Fund list. She reiterated that there is a fund-raiser in November. She also told me that she is going to it (I didn't know that before), and will try her best to raise lots of money. That made me feel good...like she is there fighting for me.

I also asked about the beta 3 integrin test. I intro'd to that topic by telling her I'd decided on the lap, and was curious about her experience with any implantion tests. She asked what I had in mind and that's when I told her the name of the test. She said they don't routinely do things like that, and if it qualified (not really sure what she meant by that) as "experimental" that they wouldn't be able to do it. She will be talking with the other RE's about this on Tuesday as well. She did make the comment that "you know I would do anything for you if I could." God I love her.

All for now.


Stacy said...

Dr. K is the best! :)

andrea said...

I puffy heart your doctor!