Wednesday, October 29, 2008

I'm having a lap!!

It is finally scheduled for next Tues. I have a pre-op appt with Dr. K on Friday morning, and a pre-testing appt on Friday afternoon. Not really sure what the difference is, but the pre-testing is with a different group of people. I guess they will go over what to expect, risks, etc...but I thought my appt with Dr. K would cover that. Who knows.

The semi-good news is that as of this morning they hadn't made a decision on whether she'd do the beta 3 intergrin test along with the lap. I say that's semi-good news b/c to me it means they haven't shot down the idea. I guess I'll know on Friday.

How exciting and scary all out the same time. This is my first surgery ever, so I guess it is really just fear of the unknown. I guess I'm excited to know we could potentially find something that will give us some answers. I'm grasping at straws and am ready to do anything to find answers.


MidwestWife83 said...

Good luck with your surgery! Hope you have a quick recovery and that you get some answers. I have had surgery twice now and it really wasn't horrible. Both of mine were laparoscopic and the recovery was pretty quick. Just make sure to get up and walk as soon as you can and drink lots of fluids! Good luck!

Andrea said...

Best of luck! I'm glad you are moving forward and hopefully the Lap will give you the answers you guys need.

Lindsay said...

I pray that you get the answers you deserve so that you may move forward. The lap was not bad for me, I actually hurt worse after the HSG. Good luck!

wvagirl said...

good luck girl! i hope the lap sheds light on some things or at the very least gives you some peace of mind.