Wednesday, October 8, 2008

my FET WTF appointment

Ugh. Where to begin? I'll start by saying that I love my RE (still!) and am so happy she is my doctor. I thought she was going to cry when she said she has no idea why IVF/FET didn't work. She did say that she was less surprised about my FET, which I felt the same way.

Anyway, she wants me to do another IVF. She knows we're OOP...but still wants me too. I work for the same university that RE does. She urged me to write letters to HR. She said she and her partners are really pushing the University to include IF coverage for employees, and feels that it is coming...but she isn't sure how soon. As she said, even if I could get a discounted rate, it is better than nothing.

Also, she is nominating me for the Family Fund. I didn't even know they had that. A (rich) couple who were patients of the clinic started this fund several years ago. They hold fund-raising events and give the money to RE to give to eligible couples who don't have any children, specifically for IVF. She wasn't sure of the criteria (we may make to much $$), but will have the office manager call me to go over eligibility criteria. She said it might be $1k or it might be $10k, all depends on how much is in the fund, and how many people are currently trying to get the money. She also says she will stock pile meds for me until I start IVF #2. We went over what meds I currently have, 1 vial Lupron and 600 IUs Follistim. She said she could easily come up with the rest.

She is going to bring my case up at the RE conference meeting next Tues. They typically hold this time for currently cycling IVF patients, so that was really nice of her. She'll call me if they come up with other suggestions for protocol changes,etc. However, based on the way I responded, she doesn't see the need to change protocol. I responded beautifully, had fabulous embryos that made it to 5dt. We don't need to do ICSI, but she will do AH. She will also make sure she does my transfer, and will transfer 3 if there are 3 that look good.

I asked about a lap. She isn't *for* it, but will do it if I want. She said anything they may find with the lap would be bypassed by IVF anyway. I'm up in the air. If insurance covers it, I will go for it (I think). If they don't, I won't. The way I see it, it can't hurt anything. Anyone have thoughts on that?

So now I have to have the conversation with Dan. I wish I could think of a better conversation starter than "she wants us to do another IVF." He's immediately going to go on the defensive about $$, and rightly so. Please GOD let us be eligible for this Family Fund. I told her that if I qualify, and get pregnant, that we will gladly join the cause. I would love nothing more than to give back...if only we can get on the other side of the fence.

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Matt & Jeni said...

IT makes me feel so good to hear that she' so optimistic for you guys and has been such a wonderful RE so far. I'm rooting for you with the Family Fund, that would be AWESOME if that pans out for you guys...you so deserve any and all that you can get.