Monday, October 27, 2008

Free to a good home

It was a gorgeous fall weekend here in STL. Dan and I were out walking Sierra, trying to take advantage of the weather. We live in the city, but in a very residential area, with lots of young families. As we're walking through the neighborhood, I notice an empy stroller sitting in someone's front yard. Not really that uncommon, I expected a toddler to come running out, ready to go for a stroll. As we got closer, I noticed a sign on the stroller that said "free to a good home." My first thought...even before the thought of "ew, it might be gross, or damaged" was...I need that stroller. My mind immediately started spinning to try to figure out how to say this to Dan. Then I realized...I don't need a stroller, free or not...b/c I do not have a use for one.

Fun. People are giving away baby stuff...and I still can't have it, b/c there is no use for it. That's all I need, to have a stroller sitting in our spare bedroom, just mocking me...daring me to look at it. Blah.

In other news...AF is here, right on schedule. I have a call in to Dr. K's office to schedule my lap and confirm insurance coverage. I still haven't heard if the beta-3 integrin test is an option, guess I need to figure that out also.

Good news about our donation fund for Amy! As Dan calls it the "Amy Fund" has over $620!!! I continue to be so amazed at the generosity. No news from Amy. I e-mailed her this morning but haven't heard back yet.


Rebekah said...

Jordan got the cutest swing for me when we got our BFP. After the m/c and more BFNs, I felt that it was sitting there mocking me. We took it to my parents house until needed! I hope you get your stroller (w/ a baby in it!) very, very soon!

Good luck with your Lap!

Jennifer said...

I hope you have use for a baby stroller very soon! Also, good luck with your lap. I just left you a message on your nest post, but wanted to wish you extra luck!!