Friday, September 5, 2008

You got your wish...

That is what the u/s tech said this morning when looking at my uterine lining. "You got your wish, that is waaaayyyyy thick!" Woohoo!

I so missed the dildocam. It's been several months since I've had the pleasure. Tech and I were laughing about that. I love her, she's very personable and extremely thorough. She said you can totally tell when someone is new to the dildocam b/c they'll come in extremely nervous with lots of clothes on, nylons, multiple layers, etc. The next time they come in they are in sweats:o)

I wonder if they'll reduce my Estrace?? I could only hope. I hate that stuff.

Anyhoo...one hurdle down...one to go....Now I sit and wait for the nurse to call with my b/w results. If levels look good then we are good to go next Friday. I'm so freaking excited. Not to mention a Nestie just got a BFP from a FET so that is huge encouragment for me!!!

And I paid another $346 this morning. Running total for FET so far is $1,014:o(

7 days, 7 days, 7 days..................

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andrea said...

The first thing I thought when I saw Jem's BFP was yay!! A FET BFP!! I love to see them!!!