Thursday, September 11, 2008

Some fun stuff...

On the day before my FET. Since I have nothing much to report, just waiting for nurse to call to tell me what time to be there tomorrow, thought I’d mention some fun stuff.

1) My friend Jeni, who I met through the Nest and is now a real life friend (:o)) sent me her Angie bracelet yesterday. Jeni had 2 beautiful twin girls this summer, and passed her bracelet on to me…I certainly hope the good luck continues. When I realized what was in the package I just started crying. Um yeah, holy hormones:o) Gretchen on the Nest (and currently pregnant with TWINS!!) made the Angie bracelet; she is a fabulous jewelry designer. You can find her here…http://www.gretchenleighdesigns.blogspot.com/, along with a picture of the bracelet and a description on what the stones represent. I love it. Since we have no insurance coverage for anything IF related, I was never able to buy my own Angie:o( But I have one now and am confident it will bring me lots of luck:o)

2) My friend Sara’s son turned 1 recently. Below is a picture of the blanket that I made, and Kelly and I gave to Grant for his 1st b-day. It’s actually more a present for mommy:o) The flags at the top spell out Grant with the nautical alphabet (Sara decorated his nursery with a nautical theme).

3) A more recent picture of me and Dan, and another of me and Kelly, all at the game on Sat night. I have to find somewhere to take pics other than the baseball game:o)

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Jennifer said...

You did a great job on that blanket! I'm impressed!! I am the least crafty person in the entire world. It's embarassing!