Monday, September 8, 2008

The crazy couple with 10 dogs

I’ll start with IF news first, and then get to the title of this post…

Last night was my first PIO shot. I had already made up my mind I was going to do it myself. So, I iced, got the syringe ready, backed up to the bathroom mirror and tried to push the needle in. Not as easy as I remember. Apparently I got it sub-Q, b/c I started bleeding. Ok, not such a big girl. I yelled for Dan and told him he was going to have to do it. So, off to bed with my pants pulled half down and he gives me the shot like a pro. It hurt though, maybe b/c I’m just out of the groove of getting IM shots. Seems fine today. There’s a teeny bruise, but no pain. I also started Medrol this morning. Medrol is a pill that you take that helps your body to not reject the embryos. When they are put back in, my body will see them as a foreign object and try to get rid of them. Medrol should help with that. I also started taking baby aspirin yesterday. Not really sure of the purpose, but it’s what Dr. K says to do.

Now, in other news…I swear Dan and I will turn into the crazy couple with 10 dogs. We are volunteers for Stray Rescue, a no-kill animal shelter in St. Louis. They do wonderful work saving stray dogs and kitties, and recently won a nation-wide million dollar make-over. Anyway, Dan and I took one of the shelter dogs to an adoption event at PetSmart yesterday. Sadie Mae is a black/white pit-bull mix, and the sweetest girl. She recently gave birth, but no one knows where her puppies are, or if they survived. That made me horribly sad. Dan and I are talking about fostering her ourselves, just to get her out of the shelter and into somewhere more comfortable. We think our dog Sierra would get along just fine with her.

Then, this morning I was walking Sierra and a Dachshund came barreling across the street to us. I say barreling, but I don’t think 10 pound dogs can barrel can they? He didn’t have a name tag, but did have a rabies tag, but it was from a town about 30 miles away. So, I put Sierra’s leash on him and walked him home. Long story short, all was well until Lil’ Guy (which we called him) started humping my poor Sierra. She didn’t know what to think. She’s much bigger than him, so he could never reach the target, but she snapped at him twice and I can’t say that I blame her. After calling the shelter that vaccinated him, turns out that his owners had moved, and lived right up the street from us. So, I took little humper home, and Sierra is happy once again.


andrea said...

I'm trying to picture the lil guy humping the bigger dog. Oh my!!

t.bird said...

awww- it's hilarious trying to watch doxies hump- my max used to try it all the time. silly weiner!