Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pre-FET obsessing has started

I've been giving a lot of thought lately to the 31% chance of sucess with this FET. How exactly did Dr. K come up with this? I have no idea. She gave us a 50% chance for our first fresh IVF and we all know how that turned out. I guess the simple fact that the embies have gone through the stress of being frozen, and then thawed (hopefully), makes the % go down. But go down by almost 20?

Sart.org has alot of clinic stats across the country. So of course I have spent quite a bit of time on that site this morning. In 2006, my RE clinic did 25 FETS, with 20% resulting in live births; in 2005 they did 21 FETs, with a 29% success rate. When I looked at FETs in relation to an ovulatory disorder (which is me), in 2006, they only did one, but that ended in a baby. I like 100%. But I still don't know how Dr K came to 31%. Seems higher than the norm, so I guess she has some hope for me. Guess I should just ask. And I should say that it's 31% of ONE sticking, regardless of how many get put back. And, I should also say that my clinic is extremely picky about which embies they freeze. I believe our 3 were frozen on day 6, which is quite a bit of growth. At that time, 2 looked good and one looked iffy, but all were freeze-worthy.

Who the hell knows. All I know is a FET cycle is so much less stressful than a fresh IVF. My u/s and b/w is in the AM, so I should have confirmation tomorrow afternoon that we are on for 9/12.

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