Monday, September 15, 2008

PIO by candlelight

Oh how romantic. Thanks to the remnants of Ike, we've been without power since Sunday at 7 am, and I've had serious internet withdrawals.

Dan offered to do the PIO last night, even though I think I've finally gotten into the groove. You should have seen me Friday night, just like throwing a dart at my ass:o) Anyway, there we were in our completely dark bedroom with one little candle sitting on the windowsill. Dan got ready and then said...I can't see. So I offered to hold the candle. Pants down, holding a margarita glass shaped candle (thanks Lisa, it came in handy:o)) up to my bum, and we have another successful injection done. Oh the stories we'll be able to tell...if only this works.

I was a total couch potato this weekend, and spent alot of time visualizing implantation. Dr. K said it should happen within about 48 hours after FET. No symptoms, though I didn't expect any. On Saturday, I did have this little blob of blood on the TP, but I had that with my fresh iVF and that obviously didn't mean anything. I assume it was just from cervix irritation or something.


andrea said...

That totally sucks you are without power! We had a ton of wind/rain last night, I am quite surprised we didn't have worse luck.
I can't believe you are doing the PIO by yourself either. You are seriously one very tough cookie!

Two of a Kind said...

I do my own PIO too. We rock. I am anxiously awaing your updates, and praying so hard for a BFP for you, my dear!

Matt & Jeni said...

OH...that sucks that you have no power. You poor guys. I guess god figured he's already thrown us for a loop and we didn't lose it this time...amazing I tell you. LEt me know if you need anything...Jeni