Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update #3: McBabies

I had my OB appt today at 14w4d. She gave me an u/s without my even having to ask. Both babies looked good, with two strongly beating hearts:)

I told her that at the last appt she had rocked my world with her conservative view of this pregnancy and that I left without asking alot of the questions I had hoped to ask. She answered those questions, plus clarified some things that I've had more time to think about since the last appt.

1) When/how will cervical length be checked? The first check will be at my anatomy scan in about 5 weeks. If it's shortened, she'll send me to an MFM.

2) Do I REALLY have to deliver vaginally in the OR, even if there are two placentas? Yes, because once the volume of first baby is gone, the placenta often starts to break apart very quickly.

3) What are criteria for moving to part time work? Pre-term labor signs, general fatigue on my part. SHe prefers half days to cutting down the amount of days worked.

4)Sex? Yes, for now, so long as I'm not contracting, bleeding, etc.

5)Pedicures/massages? Yes to pedicure, but no to foot/calf massages; otherwise for a full body massage only from someone who specializes in maternity massages.

6) What do to about headaches? SHe is calling in a script for me.

7) Insomnia? Benadryl or Tylenol PM is fine, which I already knew

8) When to stop baby aspirin? I can stop now but will probably keep taking for a few more weeks.

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