Wednesday, April 20, 2011

A few pics...

I have been SUCH a slacker on the picture department. I added these below this morning, but didn't have time to download any other from my camera.

This is one of my new fave pics of her, an expression that she sports often, just big eyed and curious:)

Not such a great pic, but I love that it shows what she does with her milk. The big cup is from a Blues game. She carries it around everywhere. Inside that cup is her sippy full of milk. That's how she rolls:)

The first public appearance of the McBaby Twins, taken at NT scan at about 12 weeks. Obviously a pic of a pic, and not a good one at that, but the top skeleton looking guy is Baby B (we think this is a boy). I'm not a fan of this "face on" shot, but I can rest assured since we have one of Sophie like this and her cheeks *did* fill in:) Baby A profile is on bottom:)

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Chris said...

Think about trying a chiropractor (who is exp with preg) for the RLP. Helped me out sooooo much! He taught hubby how to stretch the ligament for me and I never had pain again. (Of course, talk to your OB first!)