Thursday, April 21, 2011

potential infection???

What was the sharp stabbing of RLP this morning turned into dull achy pains regardless of my position. I noticed it the first time while brushing my teeth. It wasn't the intense, take my breath away, pains of RPL, but was definatley enought to catch my attention. I walked Sierra and the pains continued around the block. They weren't continuous, but the scary part for me is they were all coming from the same spot. At least with the RPL, I was getting the pains all over, left, right, high, low. Today, they were all focused in my lower left pelvic region,

I got to work and they seemed to disappear until about an hour ago. I caved and called the OB and got to talk to my nurse, who asked lots of questions. Confirmed no bleeding, no contrax, etc. She said based on my description, it may be a UTI or bladder issue, so I'm going in tomorrow AM to pee in a cup. I'm glad I called, although I felt silly at the time. Thankfully she didn't dismiss my concerns.

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Fran said...

Sending positive thoughts!!