Thursday, April 14, 2011

Update #2: Sophia

As of April 5, she is 16 months old.
Unofficial stats...

1. She loves to stack things.
2. She loves to sort things. She'll sort the food on her tray into the correct category.
3. If she does something she thinks is exeptional, she will clap for herself and then look at us to make sure we noticed and are also clapping.
4. I'm working with her on animal sounds. She likes to mimic, but all sounds typically come out like "mmmmmmm", although I did think I heard a "quack" last week.
5. Since coming home from the hospital she is more attached to her pacifer, just as we were thinking we were going to wean her.
6. Also since the hospital, it's been impossible to get her to sleep in her crib for more than a few hours at a time.
7. When you say "stinky" she'll grab her nose.
8. She is starting to try to take her arm out of her pajama sleeve. Is this the beginning of trying to undress herself?
9. Since the hospital, she knows where her "boobies" are. Is this bad? She spent several days in only a diaper and finally had access to her body that is usually covered with clothes.
10. She loves my belly button.
11. In the bath (although she still hates them), she loves when I put soap on her hands. She'll rub them together until they are sudsy.
12. The above has translated to wanting to pour her milk or water onto her hands and then rub them together. Fun.
13. She tried to pour milk into my belly button!
14. She loves having bubbles blown at her.
15. She still rocks the whale spout, her bangs aren't quite long enough to tuck behind her ear yet.
16. She loves her "spider book" aka Itsy Bitsy Spider. She doesn't care if it's read to her, but loves to be asked to point out the spiders. Sometimes she gets them, sometimes not.
17. SHe is still OBSCESSED with the trash, and especially likes to pull things out of the kitchen trash can and carry them around.
18. She is learning how to blow kisses:)


Jen Wargo said...

I love your Sophia updates, and its good to know my kid is normal too, especially with the clapping for themselves.

Fran said...

She is doing so well! I'm truly happy she's back to her formal healthy self, I'm sure everything else will settle. And you are doing great too! Didn't get to post in your previous post!
Love, Fran