Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Well...there are indeed two little hearts beating away. HOLY SHIT. I'm sorry, that doesn't seem appropriate, but I'm in complete shock. Really. I mean, how did it take EIGHT embryos to make Sophie, and only three to make TWO more?

My world got rocked about 11 am today. I had an off-campus meeting at 11 am. I ran to the restroom prior, and I was spotting red. I freaked as much as I could, but I was running the meeting so I really had to keep it in check. I kept saying, "it's ok, you'll have an u/s in just a few hours and you can find out what's going on."

We get to Dr. K's office and the u/s tech was running WAY behind. I was PACING the waiting room. Dan and Sophie were with me. I couldn't even tell Dan about the spotting until right before they took us back, because I couldn't get the words to come out of my mouth. The second we were back in the u/s area I told the tech about the spotting. She asked what my levels were.

I got undressed, I got in the chair. I covered my eyes. I couldn't look. I didn't want to see anything bad. I couldn't get this far and have something bad happen. She finally said that "there are two reasons you might typically spot at this point. One is (and she used the acryonym for the common cause of spotting--generally some little area around the sac that is irritated and two, because there are multiple babies. You are having twins."

I was in shock. First, ecstatic that there was one healthy baby, and then pure SHOCK.

2 sacs, 2 heartbeats (one at 115 and the other at 122), measuring 6w2d. Everything looked perfect. SHe could not find the cause of the spotting.

Dr. K gave me the due date of Oct 9 (40 weeks) and Sept 11 (36 weeks)...I go back end of next week for another u/s and if all looks good she'll release me to my OB.

This is just so surreal. I never expected this to be me. We struggled so long to have one and now we might have THREE?!

I will take pics of the u/s pics and post them tonight:)

Dan keeps saying holy crap. I haven't made it to the excitement phase yet. I need to process.


Rebekah said...

Ahhh!!! I feel like a total stalker, but I don't care. SO excited for you!! Congrats, congrats, congrats!!!

Anonymous said...

deep breaths :):):)

Momma Wilson said...

oh my goodness, doubly excited for you!!!

Heidi said...


Jen Wargo said...

I knew it! Yay. Big congrats to you.

Anonymous said...

I knew it!! I just did... and I'm so thrilled for you guys! Take some deep breaths. You have lots of people out there thinking of you... pulling for you... supporting you!! Always here if you need a friend to talk to. Lots of love!!!
~ Jenny

Stephanie said...

Holy shit is right! Congratulations how awesome is this!

Brooke said...

wonderful news!!! shocking, I am sure :) but none the less....wonderful :)


Anonymous said...

I was glad to hear 2 and not 3 with how bad you have been feeling! This is why women are pregnant for 40 weeks--it gives you time to get use to things:) I am really excited for you! Sarah in KC

Michelle and Gary said...

Excitment phrase from me= HOLY SH!T!!!! Yeah!! So excited for you!!!!

Meechrobi(aka Michelle)

Alyssa said...

YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!! Congratulations on your two !!!!!!

I am so excited for you :)

Lisa said...

Congrats!!! I kind of thought this was going to happen ; )

Fran said...

oh my God I knew it!! so so thrilled! totally understand the shock though!

WeeMasonMan's Mom said...

OMG WOW!!! YAY!!!!!!!!!