Sunday, February 6, 2011

14 months

It seems like I've been overlooking Sophie updates since the FET. Saturday, she was 14 months old! Here are the unofficial stats.

1) 8 teeth (front 4 top and bottom), with 3 molars on the way
2) She knows that keys, coats and shoes mean "bye-bye."
3) Typical breakfast: whole grain toast, turkey sausage and fruit
4) still mostly babbling, but I *think* she knows that I am mama.
5) She's been rocking the whale spout, since I'm trying to grow her bangs out. She refuses to keep a barrette in her hair.
6) 12-18 month clothes
7) Intrigued by everything she finds in my bathroom.
8) Water and milk only, we haven't ventured into juice land yet. Dan swears she isn't getting soda until she's 10:)
9) Recognizes babies and little kids.
10) Gives kisses, open mouthed and puckered:)
11) Still loves wooden puzzles, especially holding the pieces up to her ear like a phone, and smacking two pieces together.
12) She has the best giggle I have EVER heard. It makes my tear up from hapiness.
13) She's walking more and more, and can walk down the length of our hallway easily without falling.
14) She knows that shoes and socks go on feet, but she hasn't exactly figured out how to put them on.
15) When I ask where her nose is, she sticks her finger in her nostril! Is starting to identify eyes and ears, also.

When we say "scrinkle" this is what she does:)

My big girl:)

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She's so pretty!