Tuesday, February 22, 2011

catching up

It's been a while since I posted, but all is going well. I'm just stressed. Let's start with the good stuff though:)

Is it possible to love Sophie more and more each day? I didn't think so. I thought I maxed out on my love for her the day she was born, but she continues to do things that just melt my heart, and seems to make it grow wider every day. She gives me hugs now. LOVE. If I'm holding her, and ask for a hug, she'll just snuggle her little head onto my chest and hold on for dear life:) She attacked me with kisses last night, both (attempted) puckered and open mouth:) It ended with my face covered in slobber but I didn't care. I was playing with her a few nights ago and she was in a mood to pull clothes out of her drawer. She kept hitting me with them as she pulled them out. I said "ow" because a button or something scratched my face. She immediately stopped what she was doing, sat down and put her head in my lap. I guess it was her I'm sorry. She resumes the clothes tossing and hit me again. I said "ow" again, and I got another "apology." :)

Things seem to be progressing in McBaby land as well. Next u/s is on Monday, but I continue to feel sick, so I'm taking reassurance in that. I'm still having a hard time (and the guilt to go with it) of processing what is happening.

I'm contemplating starting Sophie in day care 2 days a week, starting this summer. She REALLY needs to get out and socialize more. She's at the point where she identifies kids/babies and knows they are "like" her. I want to get the daycare started before babies arrive, so I'm thinking July-ish. I feel guilt about this too, but honestly, I had planned to get her in daycare around the 2 year mark anyway, so this is just starting a bit earlier.

We had 5 condo showings in 3 days, with no takers. I'm not upset, as all but one of the feedbacks we received was good, but time is ticking. I just wish we could move and get settled sooner rather than later.

The house we LOVED is now sold:( Dan and I are arguing over where to look. He's resistant to looking anywhere except one particular area, but with twins on the way, we now want/need more house for less money. Something is going to have to give.

I hope it's not my sanity.


Fran said...

Delighted all is well! Hope for a quick sale and the dream home to be found soon!

Anonymous said...

daycare sounds like a great idea. they get to socialize, work on addin to their vocab, and do fun, MESSY things like paint, only you dont have to clean it up. alex started when he was a little over 2 and to be honest i wish we started him a little earlier. we use kindercare and they have great 1/2 day/partial week options. and honestly daycare may help prepare her for babies since her teacher will talk to her about the babies and it will be a constant for her when the babes first come home, something consistent that she can look to. lakshmi

Heidi said...

Boo on the house being sold, but you'll find another one you love. If you sell the condo, is it possible you could rent a house while you find the right place to buy? One way or another, it'll work out. Of course, you could always move to SRQ, send the kids to PV, and get aunt Penny to babysit on a regular basis. ;)