Wednesday, February 9, 2011


is beta number two, at 19dp5dFET (24 dpo). Can I say it again? 8176. Yes, this is what I was looking for in the way of being able to relax. Now, I will relax, for a bit:)

Of course, I checked out betabase. At this point, it's looking on the high end for singeton, and pretty much on track for twins. Holy shit.

I can't tell Dan, b/c Sophie dropped his phone in the toilet this morning and fried it. My only hope is if I can catch him on FB and IM him. Otherwise, he won't know until 5 pm. Probably better that way, lol:)

Now, I'm waiting on the secretary to call me to schedule the u/s for next week. O.M.G.

That's all for today:)


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I've been meaning to say congratulations!! Yay!!

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Jen Wargo said...

Awesome beta. Twins would be awesome. GL with the ultrasound.