Thursday, February 24, 2011

horror stories and nosy people...

Dan met a couple with 7 month old twins at the hockey game on Saturday night. He HAD to introduce me, so off we went. I must say these two were cutie-patooties, one each being worn on mom and dad's chest. So sweet. They were originally pregnant with triplets, but the identical twin to the boy didn't make it out of the first trimester.

Enter my first twin horror story...mom said she gave birth at 36w5d, which is SO great. Then, she went on to say that the pregnancy caused her 64 pounds, 3 cracked ribs, HELPP, and the start of liver failure. She was induced the day after they found out about liver failure! There was one other horrible thing that happened to her, but I must have only been able to keep so much of her story in my head, b/c I can't remember it.

Yikes. Nice. Need to hear that!

I was out having lunch with two co-workers today, both of whom are pregnant. One is 18 weeks, the other is 21 weeks. We talked all things pregnancy, and it was fun. One of my co-workers asked to see the dessert tray. The ladies at the table next to us were getting up as the server brought over the tray. The lady at the next table(STRANGER!) looked at me at said "you're having twins, eat whatever dessert you want."

I just looked at her! I mean, I am a nosy nelly, and often quite enjoy listening to other peoples conversations but would NEVER openly admit I was eavesdropping. Seriously???

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Fran said...

Oh the horror stories...i can't understand why people feel the need to share them...come on!! Sorry about the nosey lady also!