Friday, February 4, 2011

almost completely happy:)

First of all, thanks to all of you who sent e-mails, texts, blog comments and cryptic facebook messages:) It's so nice to know we have such a bunch of caring friends, family (and strangers!!!) on our side:)

I realize that my post yesterday was very "to the point." I got a great beta, and Sophie got a great report from her Ortho.

A little more about yesterday. I waited not so patiently for the phone to ring, which of course it didn't. I left work to get Sophie and Dan and we were off to her Ortho appt. As her name was being called in to see the dr, they called. Go figure. The reception in the hospital was horrible. I heard 1004, I said holy cannoli, and then we started to schedule the next appt. Lost call. I tried to call right back with no luck.

I went in to find Dan and Sophie and they were already sitting in the x-ray waiting area. I told Dan my number. He said "what does that mean?" I told him that Sophie's number on the exact same dpo was 147. This one was 1004. He said "there are two." I said we don't know that, but we know that it's a good number. I'm sure he was realing, lol. He then said "we're not buying more EPTs":)

We got back to x-ray and they handed Dan the lead vest. I asked if I could be in there if I was pregnant and they said NO. They weren't even going to ask! So, I stepped out, and Sophie was a trooper getting her x-ray done. Dr. K came in later, looked at the x-ray, gave her an exam and said that all looked great. By 12 months, they like to see the hip/socket at a 30% angle, and hers is currently at 28%, so not perfect but good enough.

After her appt, we grabbed a bite to eat in the cafeteria. I called Dr. K's office back. We confirmed a 2nd blood test next Wed. If that looks good, u/s would be the following week, at about 6 1/2 weeks. Currently, I'm not even 5 weeks. It seems pathetic...and a long road. But, I'm feeling good about all of it. Yes, things can happen. Yes, I've had a m/c. But, I don't have a hx of recurrent m/c, my beta was great, I'm feeling a bit crappy, so I can only hope for the best.

I'm bloated. My size 10 jeans are snug. I know it's bloat and not bump (obviously), but it's not comfy. I felt some weird sharp tugs in my lower right this morning. Good tugs, I hope. Something is definately going on down there. I feel full, constantly, but yet my stomach growls. Nothing sounds good.

Have I been obsessively googling single vs twins? Yes. Do I know anything more than before I started googling? No. Have a been googling symptoms that are "on and then off?" Yes. What have I found? It's normal. lol.

Today, I am pregnant. That is my mantra:)

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Hippie Family... said...

I didn't check in before but I've been reading and am very happy for you. With #2 you pooch faster, You'll be fine and weather is cold so get some button extenders (and bra extenders at JoAnn fabric) for now and you'll be fine for a few months :D
I am just so happy for you all and am putting positive enery into the universe for you... I have to admit, I would love for you to have twins thou :D