Friday, February 11, 2011


not in Sophie's diaper, but how I'm feeling.

The symptoms have slammed into me in the last few days. I go from ravenous one minute to ready to hurl the next. No hurling yet, though. I do not remember this from my pregnancy with Sophie. It's just this gross, constantly nauseous feeling. It's always there. Also, I am craving red meat. The more the better. Dan made steak last night, the day before I had roast beef for lunch, and the days before that Dan (at my suggestion), made corned beef. Nothing else sounds good.

I'm tired, going to bed early each night, grateful that Sophie adjusted her own bedtime a few weeks ago so she's usually in bed by 8ish. After that, it's lights out for me.

Ultrasound is Tuesday at 12:40. I asked if that was too early, and she said no, anytime next week is fine. I just checked my blog post from Sophie's first u/s. At that time, I was 6w4d, measuring 6w2d. So, if I am measuring right on this time, my guess is that we should see something similar to what we saw with her. And, I forgot that you can see the heartbeat that early...hers was beating away at 122 bpm:)

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Jen Wargo said...

I will sooo be blog stalking you that day to see how many are in there. All of that aside, I can't wait for you see that little miracle (or two).