Monday, February 14, 2011

Open house

In my attempt to keep my mind off of the (hopefully) growing embryo(s) hanging out in my uterus, I thought I could make an update on condo-selling status.

We had our first open house yesterday, and it had alot of interest! Our realtor was surprised,as the last condo open houses she's had have not gone over well. The condo market is not exactly sky high right now. There were several young professionals and young couples that came in, a few that had their realtor with them. Everyone that came through were either renters looking to buy, or students (Med School) moving to the area. That bodes well for us, in that it would eliminate one layer of the waitiing time to get a closing done, since we wouldn't be waiting on them to sell their property. And, most of the renters have leases that are up in the next few months. Our realtor is going to try to get another Open House booked in February!

We were both so excited to hear that our condo had some interest!!!! Deinately motivated us.

In Sophie news, she is walking about 75% now, and crawling the rest of the time. She tried jello and cottage cheese over the weekend-first time for both (and loved them both).

And, in uterus news b/c why WOULDN'T I go there, things seem to be progressing. My sensitivity to smells is simply obnoxious. I can smell Sophie's diaper from across the room, the detergent smell when I drink out of a glass, the frozen meat when I open the freezer.

Ultrasound in 21 hours.

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